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Ottawa Fire Services
OFS Logo.jpg
Protecting the Nation's Capital with pride
Agency overview
Established 2001 (OFS), 1839 (Original)
Employees 1576
Staffing Career/Paid On-Call
Fire chief Chief of Department Gerry Pingitore
Facilities and equipment
Battalions 9
Stations 45
Engines 50
Trucks 17
Rescues 6
Tenders 18

Ottawa Fire Services (OFS) protects the lives, property and environment of the people who live, work and visit the City of Ottawa. Service personnel are highly trained to respond to a wide variety of emergency and non-emergency incidents including fires, rescues and medical and hazardous-material emergencies. The department's headquarters is located on Carling Ave.


Like most North American fire departments, the Ottawa Fire Services is organized in a paramilitary fashion. The current Chief of the department is Gerry Pingitore. Serving Under Pingitore are three Deputy Chiefs, four Platoon Chiefs, five Division Chiefs, four Rural Sector Chiefs and twenty District Chiefs. At the station level, each urban station has a Captain for each of the four platoons. Each truck in the fleet is under the command of either a Captain or Lieutenant. For rural paid-on-call stations, each station has a station Captain and four Lieutenants.


The current Ottawa Fire Services came into existence in 2001 with the amalgamation of 9 fire departments from Ottawa and the surrounding areas. The nine former departments include the Ottawa Fire Department, Gloucester Fire Department, Cumberland Fire Department, Kanata Fire Department, Nepean Fire Department, Osgoode Fire Department, Rideau Valley Fire Department, Goulbourn Fire Department and West Carleton Fire Department.


There are 45 fire stations located across Ottawa, including 16 Paid On-Call stations and 5 composite stations. The stations are assigned to 9 district operations units. On Friday September 3, 2010, Chief deHooge announced that a three-year trial testing the use of 24-hour shift rotations would begin in January 2011. In Canada twelve of the fifteen largest fire departments are using the 24-hour shift rotation.


Currently, City of Ottawa firefighters are being issued tan Starfield Lion bunker gear, black leather STC Marshall structural fire boots, and traditional black Cairns 1044 Structural firefighting helmets for firefighters, Red 1044's for Lieutenants and Captains and White 1044s for Chief Officers. The department uses ISI Viking SCBAs,( being phased out) and replaced with MSA,s


At amalgamation, the newly formed OFS purchased 20 brand new HME pumpers to begin the process of building a uniform fleet of vehicles. Along with the purchase of the new vehicles, the OFS inherited most of the pre-amalgamation vehicles from the 9 former departments. The current strength of the OFS fleet stands at 96 vehicles, not including chief's vehicles. Apparatus are identified by a letter to identify the vehicle type, followed by a number to identify the station, for example; P13. The various types of apparatus in service include:

  • Pumper (P13) or (P13B when station runs more than one Pumper)
  • Ladder (L24) Ladder 24 (Formerly Ladder 56 - "Wheels of Fire")
  • Rescue (R53)
  • Tanker (T73) or (T73B when station runs more than one Tanker)
  • Pumper-Tanker (PT93)
  • Haz-Mat (HM24)
  • Technical Rescue (TR12)
  • Squad (S45)
  • Brush Truck (BT63)
  • Brush Tanker (BTA83)
  • Water-Rescue (WR22)
  • Air Management (AM54)
  • Rehabilitation Unit (RHB54)
  • Safety Officer (SO23)
  • Senior Chief Staff Officers, Platoon Chiefs, District and Sector Chief: CAR 1 etc (C1, C6, C20, C60)
  • Pod Vehicle (PV44)
  • Snowmobile (SM93)

Fire Stations[edit]

Ottawa Fire Services Pump Tank 53.
Station Number Firehouse Address Neighborhood Pre-Amalgamation Station Number
Station 11 135 Preston Street Little Italy & China Town Ottawa Fire Department #2
Station 12 635 O'Connor Street The Glebe Ottawa Fire Department #10
Station 13 530 King Edward Avenue Sandy Hill/University of Ottawa Ottawa Fire Department #3
Station 21 1300 Woodroffe Avenue College Ward Ottawa Fire Department #11
Station 22 1397 Richmond Road Lincoln Heights Ottawa Fire Department #12
Station 23 1443 Carling Avenue Westboro Ottawa Fire Department #1
Station 24 230 Viewmount Drive Carleton Heights Nepean Fire Department #2
Station 25 60 Knoxdale Road Crestview Nepean Fire Department #4
Station 31 3255 Conroy Road Greenboro Ottawa Fire Department #14
Station 32 3202 Leitrim Road Leitrim Gloucester Fire Department #3
Station 33 3336 McCarthy Road Huntclub Ottawa Fire Department #9
Station 34 700 Brookfield Road Riverside Park Ottawa Fire Department #7
Station 35 2355 Alta Vista Drive Alta Vista Ottawa Fire Department #8
Station 36 900 Industrial Avenue St. Laurent Ottawa Fire Department #4
Station 37 910 Earl Armstrong Road Riverside South Built after amalgamation
Station 41 380 Eagleson Road Glen Cairn Kanata Fire Department #3
Station 42 1021 Teron Road Beaverbrook Kanata Fire Department #2
Station 43 3845 Old Richmond Road Bell's Corners Nepean Fire Department #1
Station 44 1075 Greenbank Road Barrhaven Nepean Fire Department #3
Station 45 1040 Riddell Drive March Kanata Fire Department #1
Station 46 34 Iber Road Kanata West Built after amalgamation
Station 47 3559 Greenbank Road Barrhaven South Built after amalgamation
Station 51 900 Montreal Road Carson Grove Ottawa Fire Department #5
Station 52 6213 Jeanne D'Arc Convent Glen Gloucester Fire Department #2
Station 53 500 Charlemagne Blvd Fallingbrook Cumberland Fire Department #1
Station 54 3080 Innes Road Blackburn Hamlet Gloucester Fire Department #4
Station 55 1700 Blair Road Pineview Gloucester Fire Department #1
Station 56 275 Coventry Road Overbrook Ottawa Fire Department #13
Station 57 220 Beechwood Avenue Vanier Ottawa Fire Department #6
Station 61 3150 Kinburn Side Road Kinburn West Carleton Fire Department #1
Station 62 6900 Harbour Street Fitzroy Harbour West Carleton Fire Department #2
Station 63 341 Bayview Drive Constance Bay West Carleton Fire Department #3
Station 64 475 Donald B. Munro Drive Carp West Carleton Fire Department #4
Station 66 3285 Dunrobin Road Dunrobin West Carleton Fire Department #6
Station 71 1246 Colonial Road Navan Cumberland Fire Department #3
Station 72 2445 Old Montreal Road Cumberland Village Cumberland Fire Department #2
Station 73 6090 Rockdale Road Vars Cumberland Fire Department #4
Station 81 1641 Main Street Stittsville Goulbourn Fire Department #1
Station 82 6280 Perth Street Richmond Goulbourn Fire Department #2
Station 83 2352 Roger Stevens Drive North Gower Rideau Fire Department #1
Station 84 3449 Old Almonte Road Corkery West Carleton Fire Department #5
Station 91 8011 Victoria Road Metcalfe Osgoode Fire Department #1
Station 92 3110 Nixon Drive Osgoode Osgoode Fire Department #2
Station 93 6891 Parkway Road Greely Osgoode Fire Department #3
Station 94 5669 Manotick Main Street Manotick Rideau Fire Department #2

Support Offices[edit]

Office Address Division
Ottawa Fire Services Headquarters 1445 Carling Avenue Head Office
Ottawa Fire Services Headquarters 1445 Carling Avenue Fire Department Administration
Ottawa Fire Services Headquarters 1443 Carling Avenue Equipment Maintenance Division
Ottawa Fire Services Headquarters 1443 Carling Avenue Safety Officer's Division
Ben Franklin Place 101 Centerpointe Drive Bureau of Investigations and Prevention
Charles Sim Municipal Garage 2799 Swansea Crescent Fleet Maintenance Division
Ottawa Fire Services Training Center 900 Industrial Avenue Training Division
Ottawa Fire Services Communications Center 1423 Randall Ave Communications and Dispatch Division
Ottawa Fire Services Air Management Center 3080 Innes Road Air Management and Rehabilitation Division

Notable Incidents[edit]

The history of the Ottawa Fire Department includes several notable incidents, including the 1900 Hull–Ottawa fire

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