Ottawa Swans

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Ottawa Swans
Full name Ottawa Swans Australian Football Club
Nickname(s) Swans, Swannies, Bloods
2014 season
Leading goalkicker Tom Stafford (M); Kirsten Bodashefsky (W)
Best and fairest Nathan Strom (M); Emma Dickinson (W)
Club details
Founded 2006
Colours Red      and White     
Competition Ontario Australian Football League
Chairman Chris MacLean
Coach Rod Frank (M); Chris Lockhart (W)/
Captain(s) Nathan Strom (M); Holly Costanza (W)
Ground(s) Manotick Polo Club
Other information
Official website

The Ottawa Swans is an Australian rules football club based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

The club is notable as being the first and currently only Australian rules football club to represent the city of Ottawa.

The Ottawa Swans Australian Football Club played 3 exhibition games in 2007 before becoming a not-for-profit society in 2008. It entered the Ontario Australian Football League (OAFL) as a member team in 2008, playing home games on a pitch built in the infield of the Rideau Carleton Raceway in Ottawa's south end.

The inaugural team of the Ottawa Swans Australian Football Club was led on the field by captain Steve Spurrell and coached by Richard Keane, who also played in the majority of games.

The Swans' first victory (as part of the Ontario Australian Football League) occurred on 11 July 2009 in the 3rd annual Canada Day Cup. The Swans defeated the Guelph Gargoyles 13.8.86 to 3.7.25 at the Rideau Carleton Raceway. It took the Swans 20 games to get their first win (13 losses in the first season and 6 in the second).

The Swans posted the first away victory in round 10 of the 2009 season against the High Park Demons at Humber College North. The final score was 12.6.78 to 3.7.25 .

2012 saw the introduction of the women's team, finishing a very successful inaugural season in 2nd spot[1] after the home and away season and 3rd overall after being defeated by the Hamilton Wildcats in the second week of finals.[2]

The Swans' Men's first finals (post-season) berth occurred in season 2013 after finishing the season in 5th spot.[3] They were defeated in the first round Elimination Final by the Toronto Rebels 5.10-40 to 1.9-15 [4]

In season 2014, the Swans women's squad won the first premiership in the club's history, defeating the Hamilton Wildcats in the Grand Final 7.9.51 to 2.2.14.[5]

Club Awards[edit]

(Men's) Best & Fairest

  • 2013 Nathan Strom
  • 2012 Darren Roffey
  • 2011 Darren Roffey
  • 2010 Darren Roffey
  • 2009 Luke Walsh
  • 2008 Luke Walsh

(Women's) Best & Fairest

  • 2013 Emma Dickinson
  • 2012 Emma Dickinson

(Men's) Runner Up Men

  • 2013 Brendan Woods
  • 2012 Mike Kozlowski
  • 2011 Blake Hurley
  • 2010 Ryan Gregory
  • 2009 Darren Roffey & Richard Keane
  • 2008 Darren Roffey

(Women's) Runner Up Women

  • 2013 Kirsten Bodashefsky
  • 2012 Holly Costanza

(Men's) Rookie Of The Year

  • 2013 Brendan Woods
  • 2012 Tyler MacLellan
  • 2011 Thomas Delaney
  • 2010 Jay Goldhawk
  • 2009 Ryan Nader & Sean Robertson-Tait
  • 2008 Ryan Gregory

(Women's) Rookie Of The Year

  • 2013 Roberta Kramchynsky

(Men's) Most Consistent

  • 2013 Nathan Strom
  • 2012 Darren Roffey
  • 2011 Darren Roffey
  • 2010 Darren Roffey
  • 2009 Darren Roffey
  • 2008 Richard Keane

(Women's) Most Consistent

  • 2013 Catherine Geci
  • 2012 Holly Costanza

(Men's) Best Canadian

  • 2013 Mike Kozlowski
  • 2012 Mike Kozlowski
  • 2011 Mike Kozlowski & Jay Goldhawk
  • 2010 Chris Peck
  • 2009 Chris Lockhart
  • 2008 Jake Plunkett-Latimer

League Awards[edit]

(Men's) OAFL Rookie Of The Year

  • 2008 Ryan Gregory

(Women's) OAFL Rookie Of The Year

  • 2012 Emma Dickinson

(Men's) OAFL All-Star Team

  • 2013 Mike Kowzlowski (HF), Nathan Strom (Wing)
  • 2012 Mike Kozlowski (CHB)
  • 2011 Chris Peck (Bench)
  • 2008 Ryan Gregory (Bench)

(Woens) OAFL All-Star Team

  • 2013 Kirsten Bodashefsky (Rover), Emma Dickinson (Centre), Holly Costanza (HF)

Northwind (National Canadian Team) Players

  • 2014 Nathan Strom, Mike Kozlowski, Adam Nash
  • 2009 Ryan Gregory, Chris Lockhart, Graeme Millen

Northern Lights (National Canadian Team) Players

  • 2014 Emma Dickinson, Holly Costanza, Kirsten Bodashefsky

Club Honour Board[edit]

Year President (M) Finishing position (M) Coach (M) Captain(s) (M) Best & Fairest (M) Leading Goalkicker (W) Finishing Position (W) Coach (W) Captain(s) (W) Best & Fairest (W) Leading Goalkicker
2008 Ray Kaduck 10th Richard Keane Steve Spurrell Luke Walsh Darren Roffey (21)
2009 Ray Kaduck 8th Corey Bowen Luke Walsh/Ryan Gregory (VC) Luke Walsh Darren Roffey (17)
2010 Ray Kaduck 10th Chris MacLean Ryan Gregory/Chris Lockhart (VC) Darren Roffey Corey Bowen (11)
2011 Ray Kaduck 9th Chris MacLean Ryan Gregory/Jay Goldhawk (VC) Darren Roffey Ryan Gregory (10)
2012 Benjamin Birt/Tammy Bowen 10th Chris MacLean/Marc Magierowicz Darren Roffey/Jay Goldhawk (VC)/Mike Kozlowski (VC) Darren Roffey (20) 2nd Chris Lockhart Lisa Dalla Rosa Emma Dickinson Emma Dickinson
2013 Chris MacLean 5th Rod Frank Mike Kozlowski/Jay Goldhawk (VC) Nathan Strom Mike Kozlowski (21) 4th Chris Lockhart Lisa Dalla Rosa Emma Dickinson Kirsten Bodashefsky
2014 Chris MacLean 3rd Rod Frank Mike Kozlowski/Nathan Strom (VC) Tom Stafford (26) 1st Chris Lockhart


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