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Otterøy herred
Former Municipality
Otterøy herred is located in Nord-Trøndelag
Otterøy herred
Otterøy herred
Location in Nord-Trøndelag
Coordinates: 64°30′39″N 11°17′52″E / 64.51083°N 11.29778°E / 64.51083; 11.29778Coordinates: 64°30′39″N 11°17′52″E / 64.51083°N 11.29778°E / 64.51083; 11.29778
Country Norway
Region Trøndelag
County Nord-Trøndelag
District Namdalen
Municipality ID NO-1747
 • Total 272 km2 (105 sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+01:00)
 • Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+02:00)
Created from Fosnes in 1913
Merged into Namdalseid and Namsos in 1964

Otterøy is a former municipality in Nord-Trøndelag county, Norway. It is located in the present-day municipalities of Namsos and Namdalseid. The former municipality included most of the island of Otterøya, the island of Hoddøya, and some of the mainland southwest of those islands. The area contains good farmland and also good salmon fishing. The main church for the area is Otterøy Church.[1]


The municipality of Otterøy was established on 1 January 1913 when it was split off from the municipality of Fosnes. Initially, Otterøy had a population of 1,631. On 1 January 1964, all of Otterøy that was south of the Namsenfjord, except for the island of Hoddøya, (population: 571) was merged into the municipality of Namdalseid. The rest of Otterøy (population: 1,013) became a part of the municipality of Namsos.[2]


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