Otter Creek Correctional Center

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Otter Creek Correctional Center
Location Correctional Road
Wheelwright, Kentucky
Status closed
Security class mixed
Opened 1981
Closed 2012
Managed by Kentucky Department of Corrections

Otter Creek Correctional Center was a minimum and medium-security prison located in Wheelwright, Kentucky.[1] The facility is owned and operated by Corrections Corporation of America and housed both male and female inmates at different times, from Kentucky and from Hawaii.[2] The prison opened in 1981.[3]

In 2008, a secretarial employee of the center fatally shot herself in the office of then-warden Joyce Arnold, raising questions about how the weapon had been smuggled in past security.[4] Amid other allegations of mismanagement and poor medical care,[5] Hawaii removed its 168 female inmates from Otter Creek beginning in 2009 over multiple charges of sexual abuse.[6]

Kentucky removed its state inmates from Otter Creek in 2012.[7] As of August 1, 2012 the facility is vacant.[8]


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