Otti Roethof

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Otti Roethof
Otti Roethof and John Reeberg 1980.jpg
Otti Roethof (left) and John Reeberg in 1980
Bornca. 1950 (age 67–68)

Otti Roethof (born ca. 1950)[2] is a former Dutch karateka.

Roethof was born on Curaçao and moved with his family to Suriname at the age of 10.[3] In the early 70s he moved to the Netherlands, where he lived in Amsterdam. Between 1977 and 1984 he won multiple Karate medals at the European and World Karate Championships. before [4] In 1977 in Tokyo he became the first non-Japanese world champion.[3][5] In 1984 he published the book Karate: een handboek voor trainer, coach en karateka (ISBN 90-6076-192-8). In 1985 he became coach of the Dutch national karate team. At his last world championships in 1986 he comes in fourth.[6]

Roethof ran several sport schools and owned a sports retail shop in the 1990s. He was involved in drug-related criminal activities in the Netherlands and lost his business in 2001.[6]


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