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Ottilie Grete Abrahams (born 2 September 1937) is a Namibian activist, politician and educator.[1]


Abrahams was born on 2 September 1937 in the Old Location township outside of Windhoek. Before obtaining a degree in Cape Town, she attended Trafalgar High School in District Six in Cape Town.[2]


Abrahams became politically active while studying in high school and university in Cape Town, South Africa; she joined the South West Africa Student Body in 1952 and later became active in the Cape Peninsula Students Union and the Non-European Unity Movement. She and other activists formed the Yu Chi Chan Club, a secret Maoist organization. In 1985, Abrahams founded the Jacob Marengo Tutorial College in Katutura, of which she is still principal.


Abrahams was active during in the independence movement with several political parties. Abrahams was part of SWAPO from 1960-1963. She, her husband and fellow activist, Kenneth Abrahams, fellow SWAPO dissidents Emil Appolus and Andreas Shipanga formed SWAPO Democrats while in exile in Sweden.[3] However, she left SWAPO Democrats in 1980 and later joined the Namibia Independence Party, where she served as the Secretary General and Publicity and Information Secretary. The Namibia Independence Party was part of the Namibia National Front coalition which won one seat in the 1989 election to the Constitution-writing Constituent Assembly of Namibia.


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