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University of Bamberg
Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg
Latin: Universitas Bambergensis
Type Public
Established 1647 (initial)
1972 (re-founded)
Budget € 75.3 million[1]
Chancellor Dagmar Steuer-Flieser
President Godehard Ruppert[de]
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students 13,277[1]
Location Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany

The University of Bamberg (German: Otto-Friedrich-Universität Bamberg) in Bamberg, Germany, specializes in the Humanities, Cultural Studies, Social Sciences, Economics and Applied Computer Science. It is one of the leading institutions for business studies and social sciences in Bavaria.[2]


former slaughter house, now: university building

The university today has four departments:

An agreement between Bavaria and the Vatican saw the faculty of Catholic Theology restructured as an institute which places a greater emphasis on teacher training. In 2005, the Social Work course transferred to the University of Applied Sciences in Coburg.

Bamberg's Faculty of Business and Economics[edit]

The Faculty of Business and Economics is widely recognised as a leading research and teaching faculty in Germany. It is ranked under the 20th best faculties for Business, and placed 11 for Economics.[3]


The main areas of curricular focus, to which subjects across faculties contribute, are:

  • Education and Life Planning
  • The Individual and Society
  • Languages and Cultures
  • Business and Markets

Partner Universities[edit]

The University of Bamberg offers several exchange and research programmes to international universities. The European network includes the University of Cambridge and the University of Oxford. The University holds further partnerships in Australia with the University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales, as well as in Asia with the Xi'an Jiaotong University, the Korea University, and Sophia University.[4]


The university is mainly housed in historical buildings in Bamberg’s Old Town. These include the former Jesuit college (Theology), the former Hochzeitshaus (History), the old slaughterhouse (Earth Science), the former Bauhof (Communication Studies), and the former fire station (Oriental Studies). The departments of Languages and Literature are partly housed in buildings which once belonged to the Kaiser-Heinrich High School. The Social Sciences and Economics department and the Business Information Technology and Applied Computer Science department, which accommodate a large proportion of the students, are in Feldkirchenstrasse. The former ERBA cotton mill, on an island in the Regnitz, has been acquired to create student apartments in the red-brick building, as well as in an adjoining new 14,000m2 building.

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