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Otto Suhr Institute for Political Science
Otto-Suhr-Institut für Politikwissenschaft
Established 1959 (1959) (1920)
Type Institute
Academic affiliation Freie Universität Berlin
Location Berlin, Berlin, Germany52°26′56″N 13°16′37″E / 52.449°N 13.277°E / 52.449; 13.277Coordinates: 52°26′56″N 13°16′37″E / 52.449°N 13.277°E / 52.449; 13.277
Dean Prof. Dr. Tanja Börzel

The Otto-Suhr-Institut für Politikwissenschaft (Otto Suhr Institute for Political Science, OSI) a research institute of the Free University of Berlin and the biggest political-science institution in Germany.

The institute is part of the faculty for political and social sciences. It is named after Otto Suhr, a former mayor of Berlin (1894–1957, SPD).


The OSI arose in 1959 from the Deutsche Hochschule für Politik (German Academy for Politics) founded in 1920.

During the German student movement in the late 1960s, the Otto-Suhr-Institut was reckoned a 'leftist' and later an 'alternative' think tank, as it employed radical thinkers such as Johannes Agnoli. However, in present days this reputation is rather legendary than lifelike.

Current activity[edit]

The OSI continues to be one of the leading institutions in the field of political science in Germany, focussing on the study of International Relations. Since 2001, Thomas Risse heads the institute's Center for Transnational Relations, Foreign and Security Policy which was founded in 1986 as the Center for Transatlantic Foreign and Security Policy Helga Haftendorn.

International programmes[edit]

The institute offers an integrated German-French double-degree Bachelor as well as a double-degree Master programme with French Grande Ecole Sciences Po Paris (formerly also known as Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris) as well as a German-Russian joint Master’s programme in co-operation with the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. It has also successfully developed a Double Degree in Public Policy and Management with the European top-ranking business school, HEC Paris.[1]

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