Otto Brandenburg

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Otto Brandenburg
Born(1934-09-04)4 September 1934
Hejnsvig, Denmark
Died1 March 2007(2007-03-01) (aged 72)
Copenhagen, Denmark
Years active1953–2000

Otto Herman Max Brandenburg (4 September 1934 – 1 March 2007) was a Danish musician, singer and actor.[1]


Music and Theatre[edit]

He debuted in 1955 in the ensemble Four Jacks, but quickly became a soloist producing Danish rock. He then adapted his pop songs to folk music and jazz and became a popular actor. Brandenburg released records in Sweden and Germany under the name "Ole Brandenburg". In 1960, he unsuccessfully participated in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix with the song "To Lys På Et Bord" (two lights on one board). In 1969, he began a new musical direction, setting his own lyrics to an American melody in the Christmas song "Søren Banjomus."

In the 1970s he often worked with actress Vivi Bak. In the 1980s he collaborated with songwriters Halfdan Rasmussen and Evert Taube.


Brandenburg won a Bodil award in 1978 for his role in Hør, var der ikke en som lo? [da][2][3] and again in 1982 for "Gummi Tarzan".[4][5]

Brandenburgs last job was voicing "Hanbjørnen" in the animated movie "Drengen der ville gøre det umulige" which released in 2002

Brandenburg sang "You've Got a Friend in Me" in the Danish dub of Toy Story.



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