Otto Buchinger

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Otto Buchinger
Born (1878-02-16)16 February 1878
Darmstadt, Germany
Died (1966-04-16)April 16, 1966
Überlingen, Germany
Nationality German
Occupation physician

Otto Buchinger, (Darmstadt, Germany, 1878. Feb 16. - Überlingen, Germany, 1966. Apr. 16.) was a German physician, credited with being the first to systematically document the beneficial effects of fasting on a number of diseases.[1]

He have served in the German Navy as an army physician, but decommissioned in 1918 due to his ill health. At the advice of a physician colleague, the fasting doctor Gustav Riedlin, Otto began a fast. After the 19th day of fasting, his condition started to improve rapidly. His crippled fingers could straighten again. He then turned with full interest and enthusiasm to fasting as a therapy. In 1920 he founded his small fasting clinic in Witzenhausen in Germany. The therapy achieved a huge success, so later in 1935 he founded his first real sanatorium in Bad Pyrmont. He developed the fasting method and described it in his book, "The Therapeutic Fasting Cure", published in the same year. In 1953 he founded a new clinic at Überlingen, together with his daughter Maria and son-in-law Helmut Wilhelmi.


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