Otto Vasilievich Bremer

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Otto Vasilievich Bremer (died 11 November 1873) was a Russian naturalist and entomologist.

He wrote Neue Lepidopteren aus Ost-Sibirien und dem Amur Lande, gesammelt von Radde und Maack, beschrieben von Otto Bremer. Bull. Sci. Acad. Sci. St.Petersbourg, 3(7): 461-496 (1861) and Lepidopteren Ost-Sibiriens (East Siberia), insbesondere der Amur-Landes, gesammelt von den Herren G.Radde, R.Maack und P.Wulfius. Mem. de l'Acad. imp. des Sci. St.-Petersbourg, 7 ser., 8(1): 103 p (1864).

Bremer's collection is in the Zoological Museum of the Russian Academy of Science in St. Petersburg where he lived.

He described many insects, including the large skipper butterfly.


  • Anonym 1874: [Bremer, O.] Horae Soc. Ent. Ross. 10(1873).