Otto Vellingk

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Otto Vellingk

Count Otto Ottoson Vellingk (1649, Jama, Swedish Ingria - 1708) was a Swedish general during the Great Northern War.


He was born in 1649 to Otto Gotthardsson Vellingk and Christina Nilsdotter Mannersköld, and had a brother, Mauritz Wellingk. He was promoted to general in 1698.

He participated in key battles of Great Northern War including: the Battle of Narva in 1700, and the Crossing of Daugava near Riga in 1701. He participated in the Battle of Klissow on 9 July 1702.[1] He was in the Battle of Punitz on 28 October 1704.

He was made a royal advisor in 1705, and ennobled as a count in 1706.


  1. ^ Robert Nisbet Bain. Charles XII and the collapse of the Swedish empire, 1682-1719. ... who commanded the Swedish right, was mortally wounded,* and his place was taken by General Otto Vellingk. The magnificently attired and excellently mounted Polish cavalry charged the Swedes in gallant style, but were met not only by ... 

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