Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1558–66)

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Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1558–1566)
Part of the Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts
Date 1558–1566
Location the Indian Ocean
Result Stalemate
Flag Portugal (1521).svg Portuguese Empire

Fictitious Ottoman flag 4.svg Ottoman Empire

Ajuran Sultanate
Commanders and leaders
Estêvão da Gama
Diogo Lopes de Sequeira
Seydi Ali Reis
Salih Reis
Sefer Reis

The third Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1558–1566) was an armed military conflict between the Portuguese Empire and the Ottoman Empire in the Indian Ocean.

Portugal had been victorious in the second Ottoman–Portuguese conflicts (1538–57), however the Ottomans went on with a new war, given the continuous expansion of the Portuguese Empire in the Indian Ocean, which threatened the Ottoman monopoly of the spice trade through the Middle East.

At the behest of Suleiman the Magnificent the Ottoman fleet attacked and plundered Portuguese ships, fortifications and settlements in the Indian Ocean, Asia and in East Africa. The Portuguese forces were commanded by Estêvão da Gama, as in the previous war.

By the time Suleiman died (1566), the conflict ended.


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