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Ottomar von Mayenburg (born 5 December 1865 in Schönheide; died 24 July 1932 in Gut Roseneck at Wörthersee) was a German pharmacist. He invented for German market the toothpaste Chlorodont.

Chlorodont advertising, in 1949, newspaper


Mayenburg studied botany and pharmacy at Leipzig University. After finishing his university studies he worked as pharmacist in Dresden. In 1907, he invented in Dresden a toothpaste, which he named Chlorodont. He filled his new toothpaste in tubes and sold it to customers. With his new product he became a competitor to toothpaste Kalodont by Carl Sarg and Pebco by Beiersdorf. He was very successful and he found his own company Leowerke to sell Chlorodont. In 1920s at the company Leowerke worked over 1,000 workers. Von Mayenburg lived with his family in 1920s at castle Eckberg near Dresden.


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