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Pont sur l'Ouche à Fleurey-sur-Ouche.JPG
Bridge over Ouche river in Fleurey-sur-Ouche
Country France
River mouth Saône
47°6′11″N 5°17′3″E / 47.10306°N 5.28417°E / 47.10306; 5.28417Coordinates: 47°6′11″N 5°17′3″E / 47.10306°N 5.28417°E / 47.10306; 5.28417
Progression SaôneRhôneMediterranean Sea
Physical characteristics
Length 95 km (59 mi)

The Ouche is a river in the Côte-d'Or department in eastern France. It is a right tributary of the Saône, which it joins in Échenon. Its source is in Lusigny-sur-Ouche. The Ouche flows through the following towns: Bligny-sur-Ouche, La Bussière-sur-Ouche, Fleurey-sur-Ouche, Velars-sur-Ouche, Dijon, Longvic and Varanges. Part of the Canal de Bourgogne runs through the Ouche valley.