Oud Beersel

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Oud Beersel
Oud Beersel
Oud Beersel logo
LocationBeersel, Belgium
Active beers
Name Type
Bersalis tripel
Old Geuze lambic
Old Kriek kriek

Oud Beersel is a Belgian lambic brewery.


Entrance of the Oud Beersel brewery (2008).

Oud Beersel is an artisanal lambic brewery, based in Beersel and founded in 1882 by Henri Vandervelden. His son Louis, and then his grandson Henri, subsequently took over. In 1991, it was taken over by Henri's nephew Danny Draps. In 2002, the brewing activities were stopped, due to financial problems. In 2005, driven by an interest in reviving the artisanal Oud Beersel kriek and geuze, two young men, Gert Christiaens and Roland De Bus, restarted the brewery. In order to finance the relaunch, the brewery is selling two beers called Bersalis Tripel and Bersalis Kadet, which are not lambic-based beers and are actually made by another brewery (the Huyghe Brewery in Melle). Bersalis is the Latin name of the city Beersel.


  • Bersalis or Bersalis Tripel (9.5% ABV) gold yellow coloured (made at Huyghe Brewery in Melle);
  • Bersalis Kadet (4.5%)
  • Old Geuze (6.0%)
  • Old Kriek (6.0%)
  • Framboise (5.0%)
  • lambic (around 5%, 1,2 or 3 year aged in wooden barrels, sold in 3,1 liters bag-in-box)


  • Oud Kriekske (19%, ingredients: Old Kriek 'Oud Beersel', sour cherries, alcohol, sugar)

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