Oudon (river)

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Loire Maine Lion tango7174.jpg
Sunset on Le Lion-d'Angers
Native name L'Oudon (m)
Country France
Basin features
Main source La Gravelle
150 m (490 ft)
48°04′12″N 01°00′30″W / 48.07000°N 1.00833°W / 48.07000; -1.00833
River mouth Mayenne
18 m (59 ft)
47°36′59″N 00°41′41″E / 47.61639°N 0.69472°E / 47.61639; 0.69472Coordinates: 47°36′59″N 00°41′41″E / 47.61639°N 0.69472°E / 47.61639; 0.69472
Progression MayenneMaineLoireAtlantic Ocean
Basin size 1,350 km2 (520 sq mi)
Physical characteristics
Length 103.2 km (64.1 mi)
  • Average rate:
    9.04 m3/s (319 cu ft/s)

The Oudon is a 103.2 km (64.1 mi) long river in the Mayenne and Maine-et-Loire départements, western France. Its source is near La Gravelle. It flows generally south east. It is a right tributary of the Mayenne into which it flows between Le Lion-d'Angers and Grez-Neuville.

Its main tributary is the Verzée.

Départements and communes along its course[edit]

This list is ordered from source to mouth: