Oued Ed-Dahab-Lagouira

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Oued Ed-Dahab-Lagouira
وادي الذهب لكويرة
Official seal of Oued Ed-Dahab-Lagouira
Location in Morocco
Location in Morocco
Coordinates: 23°0′N 15°0′W / 23.000°N 15.000°W / 23.000; -15.000Coordinates: 23°0′N 15°0′W / 23.000°N 15.000°W / 23.000; -15.000
Country Western Sahara Western Sahara
Capital Dakhla
 • Wali Hamid Chabar
 • Total 50,800 km2 (19,600 sq mi)
Population (2014)
 • Total 142,995
Time zone WET (UTC+0)
 • Summer (DST) WEST (UTC+1)

Oued Ed-Dahab-Lagouira (Arabic: وادي الذهب لكويرة‎) is one of the old sixteen regions of Morocco. It is situated in the disputed territory of Western Sahara, considered by Morocco to be the southern part of the country. The Polisario Front and other independence-seeking Sahrawis consider this to be a part of the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic. The United Nations and most countries do not recognize either Moroccan sovereignty over the area, or the self-declared Sahrawi republic.

The region covers an area of 50,880 km² and has a population of 142,995 (2014 census[1]). The capital is the coastal city of Dakhla, formerly known as Villa Cisneros.

The region comprises two provinces:[2]


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