Oulad Delim

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Leaders of the Oulad Delim Sahrawi tribe at Río de Oro, February 1941. Photograph taken by Tomás Ázcarate Ristori.

The Oulad Delim (Arabic: أولأد دليم) is a Sahrawi tribe of mainly Arab origins. They were formerly considered of Hassane status i.e. part of the ruling warrior stratum. The Oulad Delim speak Hassaniya Arabic. They traditionally live in the southern regions of Western Sahara (Río de Oro), especially around the city of Dakhla. They have extensive tribal connections with northern Mauritanian tribes. They are Muslims, adhering to the Maliki school of Sunni Islam.

Their traditional lifestyle was nomadic, based on camel herding. They were active in resisting European colonial advances during the 19th century, but after Spain consolidated its hold over Spanish Sahara, many Oulad Delim enrolled in the Tropas Nómadas and other Spanish auxiliary forces.

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