Oulu Cathedral

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Oulu Cathedral
Oulun tuomiokirkko
Tuomiokirkko Oulu.jpg
Oulu Cathedral seen from west
Basic information
Location Oulu, Finland
Geographic coordinates 65°00′53″N 025°28′33″E / 65.01472°N 25.47583°E / 65.01472; 25.47583Coordinates: 65°00′53″N 025°28′33″E / 65.01472°N 25.47583°E / 65.01472; 25.47583
Affiliation Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland
District Diocese of Oulu
Ecclesiastical or organizational status Cathedral
Website www.oulunseurakunnat.fi
Architectural description
Architect(s) Originally Daniel Hagman and later altered by Carl Ludvig Engel
Architectural type Cathedral
Architectural style Neoclassical
Completed 1777
Capacity Seats 2,400
Dome(s) 1
Spire(s) 1
Spire height 56.5 m (185 ft)

The Oulu Cathedral (Finnish: Oulun tuomiokirkko) is an Evangelical Lutheran cathedral and the seat of the Diocese of Oulu, located in the centre of Oulu, Finland. The church was built in 1777 as a tribute to the King of Sweden Gustav III of Sweden and named after his wife as Sofia Magdalena's church.

The wooden structures burned in the large fire of the city of Oulu in 1822. The church was built again on top of the old stonewalls with famous architect Carl Ludvig Engel as the designer. The restoration works were completed in 1832, but the belfry was not erected until 1845.

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