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Ule älv
Oulujoki river at Laanila, Oulu.jpg
Oulujoki river in Laanila, Oulu
Country Finland
 - left Muhosjoki
 - right Sanginjoki, Utosjoki, Kutujoki
Source Oulujärvi
 - location Vaala, Finland
 - elevation 122 m (400 ft)
 - coordinates 64°33′N 026°50′E / 64.550°N 26.833°E / 64.550; 26.833
Mouth Bothnian Bay
 - location Oulu, Finland
 - elevation 0 m (0 ft)
 - coordinates 65°01′N 025°27′E / 65.017°N 25.450°E / 65.017; 25.450Coordinates: 65°01′N 025°27′E / 65.017°N 25.450°E / 65.017; 25.450
Length 107 km (66 mi)
Basin 22,900 km2 (8,800 sq mi)
 - average 250 m3/s (8,829 cu ft/s)

Oulujoki, Swedish: Ule älv (in modern Finnish literally "Oulu River", originally in old Northern Ostrobothnian dialect literally "Flood River", is a river in Oulu province, Finland. Its origin is Oulujärvi and its watershed area covers a significant part of Kainuu region. It flows into the Bothnian Bay at Oulu. Port of Oulu is located at the mouth of the river.

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