Oulun Energia Areena

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Oulun Energia Areena
Oulu Ice Hall
Former names Raksilan jäähalli
Location Oulu, Finland
Capacity 6,614
Opened 1975
Kärpät (ice hockey)

Oulun Energia Areena or Oulu Ice Hall (Finnish: Oulun jäähalli) is an arena in the Raksila district of Oulu, in Finland. It is primarily used for ice hockey, and is the home arena of Kärpät. It opened in 1975 and holds 6,614 people. The arena's former name was Raksilan jäähalli. The name was changed to Oulun Energia Areena in 2006, after a sponsorship deal with Oulun Energia, an energy company based in Oulu.

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Coordinates: 65°00′30″N 25°29′42″E / 65.00833°N 25.49500°E / 65.00833; 25.49500