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Our Daily Bread Ministries (formerly RBC Ministries) is a Christian organization founded by Dr. Martin De Haan in 1938. It is based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with over 600 employees. It produces several devotional publications, including Our Daily Bread. It also produces radio and television programs, and an online university program, Christian University GlobalNet.[1] The publishing arm of Our Daily Bread Ministries is called Discovery House.[2]


As a Christian organization, it was originally called the "Detroit Bible Class" when it was founded in 1938, it later became known as "Radio Bible Class". In 1994 the name was changed to RBC Ministries, and in 2015, the name was changed to Our Daily Bread Ministries.[3]

Its founder, Dr. M. R. De Haan, led the organization until 1965. Richard De Haan took over in 1965 and led the organization until 1985. Mart De Haan, son of Richard, and grandson of Martin was the president until October 5, 2011, when the presidency was handed over to his brother, Rick.[4]


Our Daily Bread Ministries publishes Our Daily Bread, one of the most widely read devotional booklets printed,[5] with over 10 million per issue, in 37 languages. The daily devotionals are also distributed as a radio spot. The same dual publishing method is used for My Utmost for His Highest, a collection of writings by Oswald Chambers. Our Daily Bread Ministries also publishes a series of booklets called The Discovery Series.

Our Daily Bread Ministries radio show is Discover the Word that started with Haddon Robinson, Alice Matthews and Mart De Haan. The current show hosts include Mart DeHaan, Bill Crowder, and Elisa Morgan with Brian Hettinga, Producer.[6]

Our Daily Bread Ministries produced a television program, Day of Discovery, which aired on stations throughout the United States and Canada. Many of the programs were hosted by the founder's grandson, Mart De Haan. Originating in 1968, it was one of the longest running Christian television programs in the United States. At first, it was filmed on location at Cypress Gardens located in Winter Haven, Florida, but that was later changed to being filmed at various locations around the world. You can still find Day of Discovery programs online at dod.org.[7]

Our Daily Bread Ministries publishes Discovery Series, which are Bible-based topical booklets that address the issues we face in today's culture. You can order the booklet or read them online at discoveryseries.org.[8]


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