Our Friend the Atom

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"Our Friend the Atom"
Disneyland episode
Episode no.Season 3
Episode 14
Directed byHamilton Luske
Teleplay byMilt Banta
Produced byWard Kimball
Featured musicOliver Wallace
Editing byLloyd Richardson
Original air dateJanuary 23, 1957 (1957-01-23)
Running time53 minutes

"Our Friend the Atom" is a 1957 episode of the television series Disneyland describing the benefits of nuclear power and hosted by Heinz Haber. It was part of the publicity campaign for peaceful uses of atomic energy, following Dwight D. Eisenhower's Atoms for Peace speech at the UN General Assembly in December 1953[1].

A book form, published in 1956, also exists.

Educational film[edit]

In 1980, an updated version called The Atom: A Closer Look was released by Disney's educational media division.

Production team[edit]


  • Jack Boyd
  • Cliff Nordberg
  • John Lounsbery
  • Jack Campbell
  • Jack Buckley
  • Ed Parks

Animation Art Styling[edit]


  • Al Zinnen
  • Thor Putnam


  • Jimi Trout
  • Irv Wyner

Special Processes[edit]


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