Our Huge Adventure

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Our Huge Adventure
Our Big Huge Adventure.jpg
DVD cover
Starring Natalia Wójcik
Jesse Schwartz
Aiden Pompey
Erica Huang
Distributed by Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Playhouse Disney
Release date
  • August 23, 2005 (2005-08-23)
Running time
61 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Our Huge Adventure (titled as: Little Einsteins: Our Big Huge Adventure) is a direct-to-video animated musical adventure film that was released on August 23, 2005 by Walt Disney Home Entertainment. The film would later turn into the TV series Little Einsteins.


In the film, the title group comprises Leo, Annie, Quincy, and June; all of them meet a little caterpillar. The caterpillar sings a song, Leo conducts to it, while the Little Einsteins sing it. They then discover a green truck with a tree on it. When the caterpillar gets in the back of the truck, he waves goodbye to the Little Einsteins but the truck hits a bump and the caterpillar gets knocked out of the back of the truck from a hill. Annie calls out to stop the truck but the truck just drives away, leaving the caterpillar behind with the Little Einsteins.

Once he's hungry for yellow leaves, they then stop by the beach and watch the caterpillar eat the leaves they have retrieved. After the caterpillar finishes his leaves, a storm comes by. The caterpillar is then blown into the air and lands on one of the instruments out in the sea.The caterpillar rides a trumpet on the wave of Kanagawa. Annie manages to rescue him by using the claw catcher. After rescuing the caterpillar the guys fly around for a while and find the truck with the other caterpillars inside driving in the same path as them. After this scenario, the Einsteins' go to the tree area, where they try to find the same tree like on the truck door. Once they have, the caterpillar then gets on the tree, spins a chrysalis and turns into a butterfly. (The former part of this film was transformed into a regular episode entitled "A Brand New Outfit; the latter part was transformed into the episode "The Missing Invitation".)

After the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, they get invitations by a Mailman Butterfly as part of a celebration. Leo, Annie, Quincy, June, and Rocket get them, but there is none for their butterfly as the mailbox is also empty for him, much to the caterpillar's dismay. He asks the Mailman Butterfly where the invitation for the butterfly is. He shows the pictures of where they need to go: Niagara Falls, a butterfly garden in New York, an Oklahoma cave and a cow place in Houston,Texas. After they searched for the invitation in three places, they finally find it at the cow place, but the cows are in the way. Leo conducts to the cows like music and then move, so they can finally get the invitation for the butterfly before heading off to the festival in Mexico.

The Little Einsteins put their invitations in a box, so does Butterfly and Rocket. In celebration, The Little Einsteins and the swarm of butterflies end the movie by singing the butterfly song as Leo then calls out his ending line: "Mission Completion!", then the curtains close the picture followed by a Curtain Call thanking the viewers for their help on the team. Before the credits, the same caterpillars from earlier are seen on the truck driving past the viewers as they are bidding farewell to them; Rocket flies around the night sky as the credits roll.


  • Natalia Wójcik: Annie
  • Jesse Schwartz: Leo
  • Aiden Pompey: Quincy
  • Erica Huang: June

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The film received a G rating by the MPAA.

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