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Our Lady's Hospice Blackrock

Our Lady's Hospice & Care Services is a hospice based in Harold's Cross, Dublin and Blackrock, County Dublin in Ireland. It provides specialist loving care for people with a range of needs from rehabilitation to end of life care.[1]

The Hospice was founded in 1879 by the Religious Sisters of Charity, a congregation founded by Mary Aikenhead. Our Lady's Hospice is commonly misspelt Our Ladies Hospice. The "Our Lady" is referring to the Mary, mother of Jesus.

Around the time the hospice was founded, the incidence of TB, typhoid, and measles in Dublin was very high. By 1889 it was claimed that Dublin's death rate was topped only by Calcutta. Dublin's high mortality rates were reasoned at the time to very sick rural people moving to Dublin in search of care, and thus contributing to Dublin's mortality rate.[2]

Research by Thomas Wrigley Grimsham in the early 1880s showed that the instance of TB in Ireland was rising compared to the rest of the UK where it was falling. He was able to show that from the 1860s to the 1880s there was a steady increase in the number of deaths of TB and it was also more prevalent in urban areas.


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