Our Lady of Bekaa

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Our Lady of the Bekaa in Zahlé, Lebanon

Our Lady of Zahle and the Bekaa (also spelled Beqaa), is a Marian shrine located in the city of Zahlé in the Beqaa Valley.

In 1958, Bishop Euthym, a man of great devotion to Our Lady, decided to build a shrine in honor of the Virgin Mary on the top of a hill overlooking Zahle and the Bekaa Valley.[1] A ten-meter-high bronze statue of the Virgin Mary, the work of the Italian artist, Pierroti, rests on a 54 meter high tower, crowning a hill known by the name of Tel Chiha. An elevator takes pilgrims and tourists up to a viewing platform overlooking the red-roofed city and offering panoramic views of the valley. The base of the tower houses a small chapel that seats about 100 people.[2]

View of Zahlé from Our Lady of the Bekaa



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Coordinates: 33°50′27″N 35°54′7″E / 33.84083°N 35.90194°E / 33.84083; 35.90194