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Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU)
Pamantasan ng Mahal na Birhen ng Fatima
Our Lady of Fatima University logo.jpg
Former names
Our Lady of Fatima College
Fatima Medical Science Foundation, Inc.
Motto Veritas et Misericordia
Type Private university
Established 1967
President Dr. Caroline S. Enriquez
Location Valenzuela City; Quezon City; Antipolo City ; San Fernando, Pampanga ; Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Campus Manila
Colors Green and white         
Nickname Fatimanian, Fatimista, Fatima Phoenix
Affiliations NAASCU; AMSA; HCMI Education; MTIAPI; LIEMG
Website www.fatima.edu.ph
"Rise to the top"

Our Lady of Fatima University, formerly known as Our Lady of Fatima , and also formerly known as Fatima Medical Science Foundation, Incorporated (FMSFI) is a private university in the Philippines. It has five main campuses, one based in Valenzuela City, the others in Quezon City, Antipolo, Rizal.,[1] Pampanga and the newly constructed Nueva Ecija Doctors Colleges Inc. The university concentrates mainly on allied medical sciences. Its name was derived from The National Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima or Pambansang Dambana ng Birhen ng Fatima (in the Tagalog language) near the Valenzuela campus, but is not affiliated with the Catholic Church, and welcomes students of all faiths (as do Catholic universities).[2]


Founded in 1967 by Jose Olivares and his son-in-law, Dr. Vicente M. Santos, the university grew out of Our Lady of Fatima Hospital.[2] The hospital became the primary provider of medical and health care services for Valenzuela. Olivares was an entrepreneur and previously a chemistry professor at Ateneo de Manila University and at the University of the Philippines. Santos rose from humble origins in Hagonoy, Bulacan, graduated from the University of Santo Tomas, became an obstetrician-gynecologist, and delivered over 96,000 babies during his 40 years of service. The college seeks to promote the virtues of "Veritas et Misericordia" (Latin for truth and compassion).[2]

The founders set about improving the facility from a general hospital to a teaching hospital for health care providers such as nurses and midwives. This began in 1973 with the founding of Our Lady of Fatima College of Nursing. Dr. Santos and his wife Juliet Olivares-Santos continued the school's expansion, including the 1979 establishment of Fatima College of Medicine with the Pioneer Batch graduating in 1983. While Fatima still focuses mainly on medical and allied health studies, in the 1990s, the college diversified, starting programs in computer science, maritime education, education, psychology, biology, and business. The college became a university in December 2002, with Vicente Santos as its founding President.[3] Upon his death, his wife,Dr. Juliet O. Santos, became the university's second president.

The next five years further saw an increase in infrastructure development. New buildings were established in Valenzuela City and Quezon City, with nursing virtual laboratories and simulators. This paved the way for Fatima’s College of Nursing to be designated by CHED as a Center of Development in late 2008.[4] Fatima’s expansion continued with another campus being established in 2008 in Antipolo.[1]

Owing to recognitions it has received through voluntary accreditation of its programs within the framework of the Federation of Accrediting Agencies of the Philippines, the university voluntary subjected itself to CHED’s Institutional Quality Assurance Through Monitoring and Evaluation (IQuAME) in 2008. In 2009, after being evaluated, it was placed in Category A(t) as a mature teaching university.[2]

In recognition of the university accomplishments, the Commission on Higher Education through CEB Resolution No. 076-2009 granted autonomous status to the university for five years from March 11, 2009 to March 30, 2014.”[2]


CAS Building, Our Lady of Fatima University- Quezon City

Quezon City Campus[edit]

  • OLFU Athletic Center

During the Guidance Week in the QC Campus, the masterplan for the proposed Athletic Center was made public. The OLFU Athletic Center houses the swimming pool for Physical Education, gym, basketball court for the Fatima Phoenix, and the dance studio for the Fatima pep squad. The Athletic Center will be built along Amor Street in Hilltop Subdivision, meters away from the Mathay Court. The project is due for completion in 2014.

Valenzuela City Campus[edit]

  • OLFU Art Gallery

The Our Lady of Fatima University, Antipolo campus held the opening of the Fatima University Gallery's first art exhibit entitled, Breaking New Ground on February 26, 2012.[5] The exhibit paid homage to the paintings and sculptures of masters and contemporary artists such as Arturo Luz's Borobodur and Carnival Forms, his paintings Homage to Eusebio Sempere and Homage to Eduardo Chillida.[5] The exhibit also displays Federico Aguilar Alcuaz's Manila Abstract (ceramic jar), Seascape, and Untitled (Trees), along with Fernando Amorsolo's piece, Ruins of Manila. (arts)|Realism]].[5] It also displays Jerry Elizalde Navarro works, Abdulmari Imao's Sarimanok and other works of multi-awarded modern and contemporary Filipino artists.[5][5][5]

Nueva Ecija Doctors' College, Inc. Campus[edit]

Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) now manages and operates the Nueva Ecija Doctors’ College, Inc. (NEDCI) located in Maharlika Highway, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija effective November 9, 2015.

NEDCI is the fifth campus of Our Lady of Fatima University. Other OLFU campuses are Valenzuela City, Quezon City, Antipolo City, and lastly the Pampanga Campus which was inaugurated in 2013. Students of NEDCI are assured of the same quality of education and services that being provided to students of other OLFU campuses.

NEDCI is currently offering four (4) college programs namely Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, Medical Technology, Tourism and Hotel and Restaurant Management. Beginning School Year 2016-2017, it will also accept Senior High School (SHS) students offering the four (4) strands of Academic Track, i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM); Accountancy, Business and Management (ABM); Humanities and Social Sciences (HumSS); and General Academic Strand (GAS), same SHS program offerings as other OLFU campuses.


Fatima College of Physical Therapy, Fatima College of Pharmacy, Fatima College of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Fatima College of Nursing and Fatima College of Dental Medicine, programs are accredited by the Philippine Association of and Universities-Commission on Accreditation.[6] The Association of Schools, Colleges and University-AAI also accredited Fatima's Graduate School and the College of Arts and Sciences.[7] The Fatima College of Medicine is also accredited by the New York State Education Department and the Illinois State Board of Education.[8] The College of Maritime Education is ISO Certified ISO 9001:2000 and is included in the Commission on Higher Education's "white list" as a qualified provider of maritime education. The College of Medicine is accredited by Association of the Philippine Medical Colleges.[9][10] It was also listed in the World Health Organization Geneva Recognized Medical Schools.[10] It is accredited furthermore by the Illinois State Board of Education and New York State Board of Education and is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education to administer Title IV Program.[10]


The first graduate class of 1976 garnered a 100% passing average in the Nursing Board examinations.[11] Less than a year after becoming a university, the Commission on Higher Education, recognizing the “enormous contribution of the Our Lady of Fatima University in the growth and prominence of tertiary education in the country and the Asia-Pacific and its commitment through quality education, research and extension work” granted deregulated status to the university through CHED Resolution No. 393-2003 dated October 27, 2003.[12]

The College of Nursing of OLFU is acknowledged by the CHED as having a strong undergraduate program and its possession of the ability to develop its faculty and research center.[12] An institution cited as a Center of Excellence, on the other hand, is a unit within any higher education institution (HEI) with a strong graduate program and an undergraduate program that meets the international standards of academic quality and excellence.[12]

In 2010, Dean Arturo de Leon, the Dean of College of Dentistry, was elected as the President of the Philippine Dental Association (PDA) and the South East Asia Association of Dental Educators (SEAADE). Dean De Leon was the first independent candidate to run and be elected as President of PDA and the youngest President of SEAADE.[13]

It is the first and only Philippine medical school to have an institutional clerkship program with a foreign hospital. The university has sent over 100 medical students for clerkship training at the Brooklyn Medical Center and Peninsula Hospital in New York City and the Jackson Park Hospital in Chicago.[10] Fatima has graduated more than 30,000 medical and allied medical health practitioners from all disciplines.[10] During the 2011 Physician Licensure Examinations, the university dominated half of the list of top ten board passers.[14]

On July 2011, College of Pharmacy showed exemplary results at the June 2011 licensure examinations as forty students passed the exam and received an over-all passing rate of 89%.[15] The College of Computer Studies (CCS) under the deanship of Dr. Raymond S. Macatangga was also recognized making OLFU the first university in the Philippines to be recognized as a Novell Academic Training Partner (NATP).[16]

The university also garnered four Diamond, 1st Place awards and a Special Citation award for Dean Jose Jurel M. Nuevo, in the Asian Conference for Academic Journals and Higher Education Research and Asian Conference for Research Journalism held at the Pryce Plaze Hotel, Cagayan de Oro City in August 2011.[17][18] Way back 2010, the university representatives also won Best International Oral Research Presentation Award for the paper entitled "The Art and Science of Task Delegation in Critical Care: The Common Praxis among Junior and Senior Filipino Nurses" at the Diamond Hotel.[19] OLFU has also won research awards including the International Environment Research Award at the International Conference for Higher Education Research on May 2010 and International Environment Research Award during the International Conference for Higher Education Research held in Vigan City.[20]


  • 7 first places in Medicine (2002–2007)
  • 38 Nursing Topnotchers for the last five years
  • Top Performing School for Dentistry
  • Top Performing School for Pharmacy
  • 100% Passing Average for Physical Therapy
  • 100% Passing Average for Medical Technology 2007-2008
  • 100% Passing Average for Maritime 2004-2008
  • Champion: Clash of the Fair Idols 2010 - College of Hospitality and Management



  • College of Medicine (Valenzuela only)
  • College of Dentistry (Valenzuela and Quezon City only)[22]
    • Bachelor of Science in Dentistry
    • Preparatory Dentistry (2-year program)[23]
  • College of Business Administration[24]
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major In Marketing Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Major In Business Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Accountancy
  • College of Arts and Sciences[24]
    • Bachelor of Science in Biology
    • Bachelor of Science in Psychology
    • Bachelor of Science in Zoology
  • College of Computer Studies[24]
    • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
    • Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
    • Associate In Computer Science (2-year program) [23]
    • Computer Hardware Servicing NC II (TESDA program) (Valenzuela only)[25]
    • Programming NC II (TESDA program)[25] AA
  • College of Criminology[24]
    • Bachelor of Science in Criminology (Valenzuela and Quezon City only)
  • College of Education[24]
    • Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education
    • Bachelor in Elementary Education Major In Early Education
    • Bachelor in Secondary Education Major In English
  • College of Hospitality and Institutional Management[24]
    • Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management
    • Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics
    • Bachelor of Science in Travel Management
    • Hotel & Restaurant Services (2-year program)[23]
    • Bartending NC II (286 Hours)(TESDA program)[25]
    • Commercial Cooking NC II (436 Hours)(TESDA program) [25]
    • Food & Beverage Services NC II (336 Hours)(TESDA program) [25]
    • Front Office Services NC II (436 Hours)(TESDA program)[25]
    • Housekeeping NC II (436 Hours)(TESDA program)[25]
    • Baking And Pastry Arts NC II (TESDA program)[25]
    • Tour Guiding Services NC II (TESDA program)[25]
    • Travel Services NC II (TESDA program)[25]
  • College of Nursing[24]
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing
    • Midwifery (2-year program) (Valenzuela only) [23]
    • Caregiver Course NC II (TESDA program) (Valenzuela only)[25]
    • Health Care Services NC II (TESDA program) (Valenzuela only)[25]
    • Medical Transcription NC II (TESDA program) (Valenzuela and Quezon City only)[25]
  • College of Physical Therapy[24]
    • Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy
    • Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy (Valenzuela only)[23]
  • College of Pharmacy[24]
    • Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy
  • College of Medical Technology[24]
    • Bachelor of Science in Medical Technology
  • College of Maritime Education (Valenzuela only)[24]
    • Bachelor of Science in Marine Transportation
    • Bachelor of Science in Marine Engineering
    • Seafarer's Ratings Course NC II (TESDA program)[25]
  • Graduate School[26]
    • Master of Arts In Public Administration
    • Master of Arts In Teaching
    • Master In Business Administration
    • Master of Arts In Education
    • Master of Arts In Nursing Major In Clinical Instruction
    • Master of Arts In Nursing Major In Nursing Administration
    • Master of Arts In Teaching
    • Master of Public Health
    • Master of Science In Hospitality Management
    • Master of Science In Physical Therapy
    • Master of Science In Travel Management
    • Master of Science in Anatomy
    • Master of Science in Physiology
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Phd) Major In Educational Management
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Nursing Major In Nursing Administration
  • Doctor of Business Administration
    • Doctor of Education Major In Education Management
    • Doctor of Public Administration
  • College of Medicine[27]
    • Doctor of Medicine (MD)+919033097372

Fatima University Medical Center and Virtual Laboratories[edit]

At the heart of the College of Medicine lies the 'Fatima University Medical Center which is a 150-bed hospital within the university campus.[10] The Center is an institutional partner that serves as a teaching tertiary hospital, equipped to give students hands-on experience and exposure. It is furnished with medical, diagnostic and surgical equipment. It houses a first class emergency room, intensive care unit, with centralized monitors, physical rehabilitation clinic, pulmonary laboratory, ophthalmology clinic and ENT clinic.[10]

Fatima creates a "hands-on classroom" providing students with patient care experience. Equipped with training manikins and simulators, Fatima provides students exposure to medical procedures.[10]


The Fatima Phoenix commonly called Team Fatima are chosen athletes compete in basketball, volleyball, badminton, taekwondo, cheer dancing, track and field, chess, billiards and swimming.[28] These are students who are gifted in sports are representing the University in NAASCU, PRISAA and other competitions.[28] In 2010, in its second foray into the NAASCU competition, Fatima Phoenix finished 4th overall champion in competing in nine sports.[28]


  • Accomplishments:
    • Men’s Seniors – 5 Gold Medals (PRISAA 2009)
    • Men’s Juniors - Champion (NAASCU 2010), 2nd Place (NAASCU 2009)
    • Women’s – 5 Gold Medals (PRISAA 2009)


  • Accomplishments:
    • 3 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, 9 Bronze Medals (NAASCU 2009)
    • 5 Gold Medals, 5 Silver Medals (PRISAA 2009)
    • 3 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals (SMART National Gyms & Clubs 2009)

PEP Squad

  • Accomplishments:
    • 4th Runner Up (NAASCU 2009)
    • 1st Runner Up (NAASCU 2011)[29]
    • Champion (NAASCU 2014)

Dance Troupe

  • Accomplishments:
    • Champion (NAASCU 2009)
    • Skechers Street Dance Battle Finalist


  • Accomplishments:
    • Men’s Division – 4th Place, Gold Medal – Board 1, Silver Medal – Board 3 (NAASCU 2009)
    • Women’s Division – Champion, Gold Medal – Board 1, Silver Medal – Board 3 (NAASCU 2009)
    • 2 Gold Medals, 2 Bronze Medals (PRISAA 2009)


  • Accomplishments:
    • Men’s Division – 5th Place (NAASCU 2009)
    • 6 Silver Medals, 6 Bronze Medals (PRISAA 2009)


  • Accomplishments:
    • Women’s Singles - 3rd place (NAASCU 2009)
    • Mixed Doubles - 3rd Place (NAASCU 2009)

Track & Field

  • Accomplishments:
    • 3 Gold Medals, 3 Silver Medals, 1 Bronze Medal (NAASCU 2009)



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