Our Lady of Fatima High School, Aligarh

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Our Lady of Fátima High School
Ramghat Road, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh
Coordinates 27°53′N 78°05′E / 27.88°N 78.08°E / 27.88; 78.08Coordinates: 27°53′N 78°05′E / 27.88°N 78.08°E / 27.88; 78.08
Type Private
Motto Absorb and Radiate
Established 1961
Principal Sister Jyotsana (2016-till date)
Grades [LKG] – Grade 10
Campus type Non-residential
Affiliation CBSE

Our Lady of Fátima High School is a Catholic school in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education board located at Ramghat Road, Aligarh. The principal is Sr. Deepti.

Our Lady of Fatima was established in 1961, and was the first English medium school in Aligarh. It is managed by Catholic missionary nuns. The school runs a program for educating underprivileged children in the evenings.


students enjoying lunch during recess hour

The academic curriculum includes mathematics, English, Hindi Language and Urdu or Sanskrit as third language (in Classes VI to VIII), social studies(history, civics, geography, economics[From IXth onwards]), science(physics, chemistry, biology ), art. Other subjects include computer studies, moral science and physical health education.

Class 10 students are prepared for the board exams. They sit for Pre-board examination before the CBSE conduct examinations. The books are published by National Council of Educational Research and Training and Private Book Companies. Grading system has been started from the academic year 2010–2011.

SUMMER CAMP 2012[edit]

The school organized a summer camp this year. Basketball, football and table tennis were the main games.

Extracurricular activities[edit]

  • Games and sports

Besides the mandatory Physical Health Education class (also known as Games period), students go to school during the evening to participate in the games and sports. Activities include Cricket (Captain), Soccer, Basketball and Volleyball. The Students of the school are known over the years to win many awards both at the state and National level.

  • Intellectual skills and competitions

Students participate in Science and General Knowledge quizzes held among the local schools. Some of the competitions are held by National Talent Search Examination and University of New south Wales competition.[1] Other competitions are held in debating, elocution, dramatics and creative writing.


The uniform in summer is a white shirt and navy blue trouser for boys and navy blue skirt for girls under 8th class and salwar kameez for girls in 8th class and above, with white socks for both. Until 2000 the uniform was a white shirt with gray trousers/skirts. The uniform in Winter is White Full Sleeves shirt for boys and navy blue full sleeves kameez for girls in 8th class or above. With Navy blue blazer, navy blue sweater, and all the summer garments.From 2015 the uniform have been changed. The students from class 1 to 7 wear blue shirt and blue check skirt(girls) and blue shirt and grey pant/ shorts(boys) .class 8 to 10 have check kurta and white shalwar(girls) and same for boys

Golden Jubilee 2010–11[edit]

Our Lady of Fatima Higher Secondary School is preparing for a Golden Jubilee Function after completing its 50 years of excellence in field of academic, interactive, sports and competitive skills. The School was first English Medium School in Aligarh and has remained a pivotal source of education, not only literation in the top schools in Aligarh. School has also invited the alumni of school for a grand Get-Together function in Golden Jubilee .The Golden Year had a grand opening in 2010 with different types of cultural, art and sports programs.[citation needed]


  • 90 Students secured CGPA 10 in CBSE 10th boards in 2011.[citation needed]
  • It participates in the various olympiads and many students qualify in the various levels of the exam.[citation needed]
  • 79 Students CGPA 10 in CBSE 10th boards in 2012.
  • More than 80 students Scored 10 CGPA in 2013-14 Board Exams.
  • Every Year Most Of the students Of Class 10 score 10 CGPA.



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