Our Lady of Grace Cathedral, Belém

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Our Lady of Grace Cathedral
Catedral Nossa Senhora das Graças
Catedral Metropolitana de Belém.jpg
Country Brazil
DenominationRoman Catholic Church

The Our Lady of Grace Cathedral[1] (Portuguese: Catedral Nossa Senhora das Graças)[2] also called Catedral Nossa Senhora de Belém It is the seat of the Archdiocese of Belém and is located in the old quarter of the city in Belém[3] in Brazil.[4]

The first church was built in Belém temporarily inside the fortress of the Nativity and was dedicated to Our Lady of Grace. A few years later was transferred in the current Largo da Sé, it was poorly constructed. In the next century, in 1719, the Diocese of Maranhao is dismembered at the request of John V of Portugal and Belém and Belém became part of the newly created Diocese of Pará, winning the right to honor Episcopal Cathedral to its parent church.

Work on the current building, built in the same place as the early church began in 1748. Construction was completed in 1782.

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Coordinates: 1°27′00″S 48°30′00″W / 1.4500°S 48.5000°W / -1.4500; -48.5000