Our Lady of Navigators

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Our Lady of Navigators
Statue of Our Lady of Navigators at the Our Lady of Navigators church, Porto Alegre, Brazil
Venerated inRoman Catholic Church
Feast2 February
AttributesBlessed Virgin Mary held by angels, Infant Jesus holding an anchor, mantle, jewelry, crown, halo of stars
PatronageNavigators, sailors, protection from storms

Our Lady of Navigators also known as Our Lady of Seafarers (Nossa Senhora dos Navegantes in Portuguese) is a devotional title given to the Virgin Mary by Roman Catholics. It is a widespread devotion in South America, specially Brazil, where the Our Lady of Navigators is celebrated on February 2 as an official holiday. Religious procession where the image of the Virgin Mary is carried take place in most coastal cities that have harbors, specially the large ones. Several churches in Brazil are dedicated to Our Lady of Navigators.[1][2]

The devotion started in the fifteenth century by Europeans, especially the Portuguese navigators, praying for a safe return to their homes. They saw the Virgin Mary as their protector during storms and other hazards. The first statue in South America was brought from Portugal to Brazil.

The theme of the "Virgin Mary as the protector" was similarly used in The Virgin of the Navigators, 1531–36, the earliest known painting whose subject is the discovery of the Americas.[3][4]

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