Our Lady of Soufanieh

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Flow of oil from an image of the Virgin Mary

Our Lady of Soufanieh refers to Marian apparitions reported to have occurred in Soufanieh, a suburb of Damascus in Syria.


The apparitions reportedly occurred in December 1982, and January, February and March 1983. A flow of oil from an image of the Virgin Mary (described as miraculous), as well as oozing of oil from the face and hands of Myrna Nazzour, is said by observers to have accompanied the apparitions.[1]

Reporter Brigid Keenan wrote that the oil ostensibly produced by Nazzour has been analyzed as "100 per cent olive oil", and that hundreds of people, including some doctors and psychiatrists, have witnessed Nazzour's secretions and failed to find evidence of trickery. According to her reports, Nazzour developed stigmata wounds in the "forehead, hands, feet and side", and the Virgin appeared to her outside her own home. Nazzour said the Virgin told her that "Christians should pray for peace, love one another and pray for the unity of the Christian churches."[2]


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