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The Our Lady of the Angels Pastoral Region is a pastoral region of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in the Roman Catholic Church. It covers Downtown and central Los Angeles west to Malibu, south to LAX. The current regional auxiliary bishop is Bishop Edward W. Clark. The Region has 76 parishes, ten high schools, many elementary schools, and five hospitals.


Deanery 13 (Westside)[edit]

Church name Image Address Community School
Corpus Christi[1] 887 Toyopa Dr.34°02′39″N 118°31′27″W / 34.04417°N 118.52417°W / 34.04417; -118.52417 (Corpus Christi) Los Angeles (Pacific Palisades) K-8[2]
Our Lady of Malibu[3] Our Lady of Malibu.JPG 3625 Winter Canyon Rd.34°02′20″N 118°41′57″W / 34.03889°N 118.69917°W / 34.03889; -118.69917 (Our Lady of Malibu) Malibu K-8[4]
St. Anne[5] St. Anne Catholic Church, Santa Monica.JPG 2011 Colorado Ave.34°01′35″N 118°28′35″W / 34.02639°N 118.47639°W / 34.02639; -118.47639 (St. Anne) Santa Monica K-8[6]
St. Clement[7] St. Clement Catholic Church, Santa Monica.JPG 3102 3rd St.33°59′54″N 118°28′40″W / 33.99833°N 118.47778°W / 33.99833; -118.47778 (St. Clement) Santa Monica No
St. Monica Saint Monica Catholic Church (Santa Monica, California).JPG 725 California Ave.34°01′23″N 118°29′49″W / 34.02306°N 118.49694°W / 34.02306; -118.49694 (St. Monica) Santa Monica K-8[8]
St. Mark[10] St. Mark Catholic Church, Venice, California.JPG 940 Coeur D' Alene Ave.33°59′32″N 118°27′05″W / 33.99222°N 118.45139°W / 33.99222; -118.45139 (St. Mark) Los Angeles (Venice) K-8[11]
St. Augustine St. Augustine Catholic Church (Culver City, California).JPG 10195 Washington Blvd.34°01′12″N 118°24′01″W / 34.02000°N 118.40028°W / 34.02000; -118.40028 (St. Augustine) Culver City K-8[12]
St. Jerome[13] St. Jerome Church Los Angeles California.jpg 5550 Thornburn St.33°58′24″N 118°22′38″W / 33.97333°N 118.37722°W / 33.97333; -118.37722 (St. Jerome) Los Angeles (Westchester) K-8[14]
Visitation[15] Visitation Catholic Church Los Angeles.jpg 8740 S. Emerson Ave.33°57′29″N 118°24′13″W / 33.95806°N 118.40361°W / 33.95806; -118.40361 (Visitation) Los Angeles (Westchester) K-8[16]
St. Anastasia[17] St. Anastasia Church and School - Los Angeles.jpg 7390 West Manchester Ave.33°57′34″N 118°25′32″W / 33.95944°N 118.42556°W / 33.95944; -118.42556 (St. Anastasia) Los Angeles (Westchester) K-8[18]
St. Martin of Tours St. Martin of Tours Catholic Church (Brentwood, California).JPG 11967 Sunset Blvd.34°03′32″N 118°28′28″W / 34.05889°N 118.47444°W / 34.05889; -118.47444 (St. Martin of Tours) Los Angeles (Brentwood) K-8[19]
St. Sebastian[20] St. Sebastian Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 11607 Ohio Ave.34°02′44″N 118°27′18″W / 34.04556°N 118.45500°W / 34.04556; -118.45500 (St. Sebastian) Los Angeles (West Los Angeles) K-8[21]
St. Paul the Apostle[22] St. Paul the Apostle Catholic Church, Westwood.JPG 10750 Ohio Ave.34°03′21″N 118°26′14″W / 34.05583°N 118.43722°W / 34.05583; -118.43722 (St. Paul the Apostle) Los Angeles (Westwood) K-8[23]
St. Joan of Arc[24] St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 11534 Gateway Blvd.34°01′54″N 118°26′30″W / 34.03167°N 118.44167°W / 34.03167; -118.44167 (St. Joan of Arc) Los Angeles (West Los Angeles) K-8[25]
St. Timothy St. Timothy's Catholic Church, Pico & Beverly Glen, Los Angeles.JPG 10425 W Pico Blvd.34°03′46″N 118°25′04″W / 34.06278°N 118.41778°W / 34.06278; -118.41778 (St. Timothy) Los Angeles (Rancho Park) K-8[26]
Good Shepherd Good Shepherd Catholic Church, Beverly Hills.JPG 505 N. Bedford Dr.34°04′10″N 118°24′25″W / 34.06944°N 118.40694°W / 34.06944; -118.40694 (Good Shepherd) Beverly Hills K-8[27]
Our Lady of Mount Lebanon - St. Peter Cathedral[28] 333 S. San Vicente Blvd.34°04′21″N 118°22′38″W / 34.07250°N 118.37722°W / 34.07250; -118.37722 (Our Lady of Mount Lebanon) Los Angeles (Beverly Center) No
St. Gerard Majella[29] Gerard Majella Catholic Church in Los Angeles, United States.jpg 4439 Inglewood Blvd.33°59′43″N 118°25′08″W / 33.99528°N 118.41889°W / 33.99528; -118.41889 (St. Gerard Majella) Los Angeles (Mar Vista) K-8[30]
St. Ambrose Church [31] 1281 N. Fairfax Ave.34°05′39″N 118°21′42″W / 34.09417°N 118.36167°W / 34.09417; -118.36167 (St. Ambrose) West Hollywood No
Saint Victor Catholic Church [32] St. Victor Catholic Church, West Hollywood.JPG 8634 Holloway Dr.34°05′25″N 118°22′49″W / 34.09028°N 118.38028°W / 34.09028; -118.38028 (St. Victor) West Hollywood No

Deanery 14 (Hollywood/Mid-City/Silverlake)[edit]

Church name Image Address Community School
Blessed Sacrament Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church (Sunset Blvd., Los Angeles).JPG 6657 W. Sunset Blvd.34°05′53″N 118°20′06″W / 34.09806°N 118.33500°W / 34.09806; -118.33500 (Blessed Sacrament) Los Angeles (Hollywood) K-8[33]
St. Vibiana[34] 923 South La Brea Ave.34°03′28″N 118°20′45″W / 34.05778°N 118.34583°W / 34.05778; -118.34583 (St. Vibiana) Los Angeles (Mid-City) No
Christ the King[35] Christ the King Catholic Church (Los Angeles, Calif.).JPG 624 North Rossmore Ave.34°04′56″N 118°19′35″W / 34.08222°N 118.32639°W / 34.08222; -118.32639 (Christ the King) Los Angeles (Hollywood) K-8[36]
Holy Spirit[37] Church of the Holy Spirit, Los Angeles.JPG 1425 S. Dunsmuir Ave.34°02′51″N 118°21′15″W / 34.04750°N 118.35417°W / 34.04750; -118.35417 (Holy Spirit) Los Angeles (Mid-City)
Immaculate Heart of Mary[38] 4954 Santa Monica Blvd.34°05′25″N 118°17′51″W / 34.09028°N 118.29750°W / 34.09028; -118.29750 (Immaculate Heart of Mary) Los Angeles (East Hollywood) K-8[39]
Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Ukrainian-Byzantine)[41] 5154 De Longpre Ave.34°05′47″N 118°18′08″W / 34.09639°N 118.30222°W / 34.09639; -118.30222 (Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary) Los Angeles (East Hollywood) No
Our Mother of Good Counsel[42] 2060 N. Vermont Ave.34°06′34″N 118°17′29″W / 34.10944°N 118.29139°W / 34.10944; -118.29139 (Our Mother of Good Counsel) Los Angeles (Los Feliz) K-8[43]
San Conrado Mission[44] Mission San Conrado, Los Angeles.JPG 1820 Bouett St.34°04′39″N 118°14′06″W / 34.07750°N 118.23500°W / 34.07750; -118.23500 (San Conrado Mission) Los Angeles (Elysian Park) No
St. Basil St. Basil Catholic Church (Los Angeles, California).JPG 3611 Wilshire Blvd.34°03′42″N 118°18′11″W / 34.06167°N 118.30306°W / 34.06167; -118.30306 (St. Basil) Los Angeles (Miracle Mile) No
St. Brendan St. Brendan Catholic Church (Los Angeles, California) edit.jpg 310 S. Van Ness Ave.34°04′07″N 118°18′53″W / 34.06861°N 118.31472°W / 34.06861; -118.31472 (St. Brendan) Los Angeles (Koreatown) K-8[45]
St. Bridget (Chinese)[46] St. Bridget's Catholic Chinese Center, Los Angeles.JPG 510 Cottage Home St.34°04′08″N 118°14′08″W / 34.06889°N 118.23556°W / 34.06889; -118.23556 (St. Bridget) Los Angeles (Chinatown) No
St. Casimir St. Casimir Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 2718 Saint George St.34°06′30″N 118°16′29″W / 34.10833°N 118.27472°W / 34.10833; -118.27472 (St. Casimir) Los Angeles (Los Feliz) No
St. Francis of Assisi[47] 1523 Golden Gate Ave.34°05′23″N 118°16′33″W / 34.08972°N 118.27583°W / 34.08972; -118.27583 (St. Francis of Assisi) Los Angeles (Silverlake) K-8[48]
St. Gregory Nazianzen[49] 900 S. Bronson Ave.34°03′21″N 118°19′15″W / 34.05583°N 118.32083°W / 34.05583; -118.32083 (St. Gregory Nazianzen) Los Angeles (Koreatown) 1-8[50]
St. Kevin[51] 4072 Beverly Blvd.34°04′34″N 118°17′53″W / 34.07611°N 118.29806°W / 34.07611; -118.29806 (St. Kevin) Los Angeles (South Hollywood) No
St. Mary Magdalen[52] St. Mary Magdalene Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 1241 Corning St.34°03′16″N 118°22′39″W / 34.05444°N 118.37750°W / 34.05444; -118.37750 (St. Mary Magdalen) Los Angeles (South Robertson) 1-8[53]
St. Teresa of Avila[54] 2215 Fargo St.34°05′31″N 118°15′32″W / 34.09194°N 118.25889°W / 34.09194; -118.25889 (St. Teresa of Avila) Los Angeles (Silverlake) K-8[55]

Deanery 15 (Downtown/South)[edit]

Church name Image Address Community School
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, Los Angeles.JPG 555 West Temple St.34°03′25″N 118°14′41″W / 34.05694°N 118.24472°W / 34.05694; -118.24472 (Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels) Los Angeles (Downtown) K-8[56]
Holy Cross Holy Cross Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 4705 S. Main St.34°00′03″N 118°16′27″W / 34.00083°N 118.27417°W / 34.00083; -118.27417 (Holy Cross) Los Angeles (South Los Angeles) No
Holy Name of Jesus[58] 1955 W. Jefferson Blvd.34°01′32″N 118°18′53″W / 34.02556°N 118.31472°W / 34.02556; -118.31472 (Holy Name of Jesus) Los Angeles (Jefferson Park) K-8[59]
Immaculate Conception Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 1433 James M. Wood Blvd.34°03′02″N 118°16′17″W / 34.05056°N 118.27139°W / 34.05056; -118.27139 (Immaculate Conception) Los Angeles (Westlake) K-8[60]
Our Lady of the Bright Mount 3424 W. Adams Blvd.34°01′55″N 118°19′19″W / 34.03194°N 118.32194°W / 34.03194; -118.32194 (Our Lady of the Bright Mount) Los Angeles (West Adams) No
Our Lady of Loretto 250 N. Union Ave.34°04′00″N 118°15′52″W / 34.06667°N 118.26444°W / 34.06667; -118.26444 (Our Lady of Loretto) Los Angeles (Echo Park) K-8[61]
Our Lady Queen of Angels ("La Placita") La Placita Parish 2007.jpg 535 N. Main St.34°03′25″N 118°14′25″W / 34.05694°N 118.24028°W / 34.05694; -118.24028 (Our Lady Queen of Angels) Los Angeles (Downtown) No
Our Saviour (USC)[62] 3207 University Ave.34°01′26″N 118°17′07″W / 34.02389°N 118.28528°W / 34.02389; -118.28528 (Our Saviour) Los Angeles (Expo Park) No
Precious Blood Precious Blood Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 435 S. Occidental Blvd.34°03′54″N 118°17′02″W / 34.06500°N 118.28389°W / 34.06500; -118.28389 (Precious Blood) Los Angeles (Westlake) K-8[63]
St. Agatha[64] St. Agatha Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 2646 S Mansfield Ave.34°01′51″N 118°21′09″W / 34.03083°N 118.35250°W / 34.03083; -118.35250 (St. Agatha) Los Angeles (Baldwin Hills) No
St. Agnes St. Agnes Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 2625 S. Vermont Ave.34°01′55″N 118°17′30″W / 34.03194°N 118.29167°W / 34.03194; -118.29167 (St. Agnes) Los Angeles (West Adams) K-8[65]
St. Anthony (Croatian)[66] St. Anthony Croatian Catholic Church, Downtown Los Angeles.JPG 712 N. Grand Ave.34°03′46″N 118°14′35″W / 34.06278°N 118.24306°W / 34.06278; -118.24306 (St. Anthony) Los Angeles (Downtown) No
St. Bernadette[67] St. Bernadette Catholic Church, Baldwin Hills.JPG 3825 Don Felipe Dr.34°00′28″N 118°20′33″W / 34.00778°N 118.34250°W / 34.00778; -118.34250 (St. Bernadette) Los Angeles (Baldwin Hills) K-8[68]
St. Cecilia St. Cecilia Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 4230 South Normandie Ave.34°00′20″N 118°17′59″W / 34.00556°N 118.29972°W / 34.00556; -118.29972 (St. Cecilia) Los Angeles (South Los Angeles) K-8[69]
St. Columban 125 Loma Dr.34°03′45″N 118°15′49″W / 34.06250°N 118.26361°W / 34.06250; -118.26361 (St. Columban) Los Angeles (Filipinotown) No
St. Joseph 1202 S. Los Angeles St.34°02′12″N 118°15′30″W / 34.03667°N 118.25833°W / 34.03667; -118.25833 (St. Joseph) Los Angeles (Downtown) No
St. Patrick St. Patrick Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 1046 E. 34th St.34°00′44″N 118°15′24″W / 34.01222°N 118.25667°W / 34.01222; -118.25667 (St. Patrick) Los Angeles (South Central) No
St. Paul 1920 South Bronson Ave.34°02′20″N 118°19′47″W / 34.03889°N 118.32972°W / 34.03889; -118.32972 (St. Paul) Los Angeles (Mid-City) 1-8[70]
St. Peter (Italian)[71] St. Peter's Italian Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 1039 N. Broadway34°04′04″N 118°14′06″W / 34.06778°N 118.23500°W / 34.06778; -118.23500 (St. Peter) Los Angeles (Solano Canyon) No
St. Stephen[72] St. Stephen Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 3705 Woodlawn Ave.34°00′52″N 118°16′23″W / 34.01444°N 118.27306°W / 34.01444; -118.27306 (St. Stephen) Los Angeles (South Central) No
St. Thomas the Apostle St. Thomas the Apostle Church.JPG 1321 S. Mariposa Ave.34°02′48″N 118°17′56″W / 34.04667°N 118.29889°W / 34.04667; -118.29889 (St. Thomas the Apostle) Los Angeles (Pico-Union) K-8[73]
St. Vincent St. Vincent Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 621 West Adams Blvd.34°01′43″N 118°16′34″W / 34.02861°N 118.27611°W / 34.02861; -118.27611 (St. Vincent) Los Angeles (West Adams) K-8[74]
Transfiguration Transfiguration Catholic Church, Los Angeles.JPG 2515 W. Martin Luther King Blvd.34°00′39″N 118°19′16″W / 34.01083°N 118.32111°W / 34.01083; -118.32111 (Transfiguration) Los Angeles (Leimert Park) K-8[75]

Deanery 16 (South LA/Inglewood)[edit]

Church name Image Address Community School
Ascension[76] 517 West 112th St.33°55′59″N 118°16′59″W / 33.93306°N 118.28306°W / 33.93306; -118.28306 (Ascension) Athens (unincorporated Los Angeles) K-8[77]
Mother of Sorrows 114 West 87th St.33°57′30″N 118°16′28″W / 33.95833°N 118.27444°W / 33.95833; -118.27444 (Mother of Sorrows) Los Angeles (South Los Angeles) K-8[78]
Nativity 953 West 57th St.33°59′26″N 118°17′27″W / 33.99056°N 118.29083°W / 33.99056; -118.29083 (Nativity) Los Angeles (South Los Angeles) K-8[79]
Presentation of Mary 6406 Parmelee Ave.33°58′51″N 118°14′58″W / 33.98083°N 118.24944°W / 33.98083; -118.24944 (Presentation of Mary) Florence (unincorporated Los Angeles) No
St. Anselm 2222 West 70th St.33°58′34″N 118°19′06″W / 33.97611°N 118.31833°W / 33.97611; -118.31833 (St. Anselm) Los Angeles (Hyde Park) K-8[80]
St. Brigid 5214 South Western Ave.33°59′40″N 118°18′31″W / 33.99444°N 118.30861°W / 33.99444; -118.30861 (St. Brigid) Los Angeles (Crenshaw) No
St. Columbkille 6315 South Main St.33°58′54″N 118°16′27″W / 33.98167°N 118.27417°W / 33.98167; -118.27417 (St. Columbkille) Los Angeles (South Los Angeles) K-8[81]
St. Eugene 9505 Haas Ave.33°57′00″N 118°19′00″W / 33.95000°N 118.31667°W / 33.95000; -118.31667 (St. Eugene) Westmont (unincorporated Los Angeles) K-8[82]
St. Frances X. Cabrini 1440 West Imperial Hwy.33°55′49″N 118°18′06″W / 33.93028°N 118.30167°W / 33.93028; -118.30167 (St. Frances X. Cabrini) Athens (unincorporated Los Angeles) K-8[83]
St. John Chrysostom 546 East Florence Ave.33°58′10″N 118°20′51″W / 33.96944°N 118.34750°W / 33.96944; -118.34750 (St. John Chrysostom) Inglewood K-8[84]
St. John the Evangelist[85] 6028 Victoria Ave.33°59′05″N 118°19′55″W / 33.98472°N 118.33194°W / 33.98472; -118.33194 (St. John the Evangelist) Los Angeles (Hyde Park) K-8[86]
St. Lawrence of Brindisi 10122 Compton Ave.33°56′40″N 118°14′45″W / 33.94444°N 118.24583°W / 33.94444; -118.24583 (St. Lawrence of Brindisi) Los Angeles (Watts) K-8[87]
St. Malachy 1221 East 82nd St.33°57′53″N 118°15′11″W / 33.96472°N 118.25306°W / 33.96472; -118.25306 (St. Malachy) Graham (Unincorporated Los Angeles) K-8[88]
St. Michael 1016 West Manchester Ave.33°57′34″N 118°17′34″W / 33.95944°N 118.29278°W / 33.95944; -118.29278 (St. Michael) Los Angeles (Vermont Knolls) K-8[89]
St. Odilia 5222 Hooper Ave.33°59′43″N 118°15′06″W / 33.99528°N 118.25167°W / 33.99528; -118.25167 (St. Odilia) Los Angeles (South Los Angeles) K-8[90]
St. Raphael[91] 942 West 70th St.33°58′34″N 118°17′26″W / 33.97611°N 118.29056°W / 33.97611; -118.29056 (St. Raphael) Los Angeles (South Los Angeles) K-8[92]

Spanish Mission[edit]

Note: This is not a Spanish Mission, but rather, a parish church.

Name Image Address Community
La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles La Iglesia de Nuestra Señora Reina de los Angeles.jpg Los Angeles

Universities and Colleges[edit]

School name Image Address Community
Loyola Marymount University Loyola Marymount SunkenGardens SacredHeartChapel.jpg Westchester
Mount St. Mary's College 052607-011-DohenyMansion.jpg Los Angeles

High schools[edit]

School name Image Address Community
Bishop Conaty-Our Lady of Loretto High School (Girls) Bishop Conaty School.jpg 2900 W. Pico Blvd.34°02′47″N 118°18′11″W / 34.04639°N 118.30306°W / 34.04639; -118.30306 (Bishop Conaty-Our Lady of Loretto High School) Harvard Heights
Cathedral High School (Boys) LA Cathedral HS.jpg 1253 Bishops Rd.34°04′12″N 118°14′04″W / 34.07000°N 118.23444°W / 34.07000; -118.23444 (Cathedral High School) Los Angeles
Immaculate Heart High School (Girls) 5515 Franklin Ave.34°06′24″N 118°18′38″W / 34.10667°N 118.31056°W / 34.10667; -118.31056 (Immaculate Heart High School) Los Feliz
Loyola High School (Boys) Loyola High LA.jpg 1901 Venice Blvd.34°02′41″N 118°17′47″W / 34.04472°N 118.29639°W / 34.04472; -118.29639 (Loyola High School) Harvard Heights
Marymount High School (Girls) 10643 Sunset Blvd.34°04′31″N 118°26′42″W / 34.07528°N 118.44500°W / 34.07528; -118.44500 (Marymount High School) Bel Air
Notre Dame Academy (Girls) Notre Dame Academy.jpg 2851 Overland Ave.34°02′00″N 118°25′07″W / 34.03333°N 118.41861°W / 34.03333; -118.41861 (Notre Dame Academy) Los Angeles
St. Bernard High School 9100 Falmouth Ave.33°57′15″N 118°25′57″W / 33.95417°N 118.43250°W / 33.95417; -118.43250 (St. Bernard High School) Playa del Rey
St. Mary's Academy (Girls) 701 Grace Ave.33°58′07″N 118°20′43″W / 33.96861°N 118.34528°W / 33.96861; -118.34528 (St. Mary's Academy) Inglewood
St. Monica Catholic High School 1030 Lincoln Blvd.34°01′26″N 118°29′49″W / 34.02389°N 118.49694°W / 34.02389; -118.49694 (St. Monica High School) Santa Monica
Verbum Dei High School (Boys) 11100 S. Central Ave.33°56′04″N 118°15′14″W / 33.93444°N 118.25389°W / 33.93444; -118.25389 (Verbum Dei High School) Watts

Daniel Murphy High School, located at 241 S. Detroit St., Los Angeles, closed in 2008.

Elementary schools[edit]

Parish-affiliated elementary schools are noted above in the charts listing parishes. In addition to parish-affiliated elementary schools, there is several non-affiliated elementary or middle school in the Our Lady of the Angels Pastoral Region.



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