Our Last Days as Children

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Our Last Days as Children
Directed by Diane St. Laurent
Produced by Toni Ann Baker
Written by Raz Cunningham
Starring Robert Picardo
Glynnis O'Connor
Raz Cunningham
Trevor Duke Moretz
Jen Arvay
Lauren Steffany
Josh Krebs
Music by Mauro Colangelo
Cinematography Seth Melnick
Two Sisters' Productions
Running time
100 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Our Last Days as Children (formally titled Ghost In The Machine) is a film slated to start production in Rhode Island, July/August, 2011. Not much is known about the project, but the blog on the film's former website quotes John Stuart Mill; which indicates that the themes involve Personal Liberty, Identity and Privacy.

The film is being produced by Two Sisters' Productions Inc. and being directed by Diane St. Laurent. The script was written by Raz Cunningham. The production plans on working closely with the Rhode Island Film Collaborative and other local outlets, including Kay Studios.


Our Last Days As Children is a story about all that makes us human. It examines how everyday people are affected by an ideology of intolerance and how one may deal with the consequences of a worst-case scenario against their own will. It is a heartfelt, but disturbing, story showing the lives of individuals who are singled out and ill-treated by the people that represent them. Although laws are put in place to ensure toleration, when the rules change identities are destroyed. This shocking truth is concealed behind the advancement of science and through the act of medical and technological progression.


Casting and character details are scarce at this point, but in September 2007, three cast members were officially confirmed by the film's website; Robert Picardo, and Glynnis O'Connor. The Rhode Island Film Collaborative indicates that there is a call for at least two Senators in the film, one of whom is said to be played by Robert Picardo.

Robert Picardo as Desmond Ellis Glynnis O'Connor as Laura

Technical details[edit]

An early blog entry on the film's old website indicates that the film will be shot using the Panasonic HPX500, thus adding it to the growing canon of Indie films being shot in (HD) High Definition, rather than 35mm film, though the HPX500 has been said to mimic the visual look of a 16mm camera.


Music is said to play a large role in the film. The film will be scored by the Multi-Award Winning, Italian Composer Mauro Colangelo. There is also speculation the film may include the song of the same name, by Explosions in the Sky.


The Film's official website indicates that the project will be shot entirely in Rhode Island and the Rhode Island Film Collaborative has indicated that the project will make use of the State House in Providence and several homes around the State.

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