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Our Mutual Friend is a 1976 British television serial adapted from the Charles Dickens novel Our Mutual Friend.[1][2] The series was made by the BBC and ran during 1976 for a total of seven episodes. It was directed by Peter Hammond.

The adaptation was by Julia Jones and Donald Churchill, who had written the ITV sitcom Moody and Pegg (1974-75).[3] Their version excludes some minor characters in order to convey the action within the limitations of a seven-episode structure, but was praised by British reviewers for faithfully reproducing the mood and atmosphere of the original novel.[2]

Cast and characters[edit]

Actor/Actress Role
John McEnery John Rokesmith
Jane Seymour Miss Bella Wilfer
Nicholas Jones Eugene Wrayburn
John Collin 'Rogue' Riderhood
Leo McKern Nicodemus Boffin
Lesley Dunlop Lizzie Hexam
Andrew Ray Mortimer Lightwood
Kathleen Harrison Mrs. Henrietta Boffin
Ray Mort Reginald Wilfer
Polly James Jenny Wren
Warren Clarke Bradley Headstone
David Troughton Sloppy
Patricia Lawrence Mrs. Wilfer
Edmond Bennett Mr. Dolls
Richard Stilgoe Mr. Boots
John Savident Mr Podsnap
Jack Wild Charley Hexam
Alfie Bass Silas Wegg
Ronald Lacey Mr Venus

Theme music[edit]

The theme music was composed by Carl Davis.[4] [5]


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