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The Our is also the name of a stream in the municipality of Paliseul, Belgium, tributary of the Lesse.
Our (river).JPG
The Our near Vianden
River system Sauer
Progression SauerMoselleRhineNorth Sea
Main source Hautes Fagnes
Source elevation 653 m (2,142 ft)
River mouth Wallendorf
49°52′30.4″N 6°17′12″E / 49.875111°N 6.28667°E / 49.875111; 6.28667 (Our mouth)Coordinates: 49°52′30.4″N 6°17′12″E / 49.875111°N 6.28667°E / 49.875111; 6.28667 (Our mouth)
Country Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg
Length 78 km (48 mi)

The Our (pronunciation [u:r]; archaic German: Ur) is a river of Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany. It is a left tributary to the river Sauer/Sûre. Its total length is 78 kilometres (48 mi).

The source of the Our is in the Hautes Fagnes in south-eastern Belgium, near Manderfeld. It flows southwards, more or less along the German-Belgian border, and after Ouren along the German-Luxembourgish border. The historic city Vianden lies along the Our. The Our flows into the Sauer in Wallendorf.