Ourika River

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(Arabic: نهر أوريكا)
The watershed of Oued Tensift with Oued Ourika (center right)

Ourika River (Arabic: نهر أوريكا) (French: Oued Ourika) is a river in Morocco, at 31°24′00″N 7°47′00″W / 31.4°N 7.783333°W / 31.4; -7.783333. It rises in the High Atlas and flows through the Ourika Valley, 30 km from Marrakech.

Natural history[edit]

A number of interesting plants have been recorded in this valley beginning in the late 19th century including Fraxinus dimorpha.[1] This valley is the sole location within the High Atlas Range where the endangered primate Barbary macaque, Macaca sylvanus is known to occur; this primate is found in the Middle Atlas and a few disjunctive populations in Algeria and Gibraltar.[2]

Ourika Valley, due to its many waterfalls and several attractions, is a very popular Ourika day trip from Marrakech.

The region is inhabited by Berber people who practice a traditional way of life. Despite its proximity to Marrakech, it is still considered relatively "unspoiled".


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