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Studio album by Eric Zann
Released 4 April 2005
Genre Ambient/drone/musique concrète
Length 47:55
Label Ghost Box Music GBX004
Producer Jim Jupp
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Ouroborinda is an album by Jim Jupp, under the pseudonym of Eric Zann. The album was released on 4 April 2005, on the Ghost Box Music label.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "It Is Narrow Here" 5:26
2. "Threshold" 2:59
3. "Ouroborindra" 11:06
4. "Dôls" 4:09
5. "The Obsidian Pyramid" 8:49
6. "Voolas" 4:49
7. "The Human Chord" 8:37

Song titles[edit]

Some of the song titles, such as "Dôls" and "The Obsidian Pyramid" seem to tie in with the Lovecraftian aesthetic in the artist's name.[citation needed] The album name - Ouroborindra - occurs on P.329 of "That Hideous Strength" by C S Lewis, apparently as some kind of Satanic invocation.