Out in the Silence

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Out in the Silence
Out in the Silence FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer
Produced by Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer
Music by Namoli Brennet, Joel Douek
Edited by Nels Bangerter
Distributed by Garden Thieves
Release dates
  • August 5, 2009 (2009-08-05) (Rhode Island)
Running time
65 minutes
Country United States
Language English
Budget $245,000

Out in the Silence is a 2009 documentary film by Joe Wilson and Dean Hamer. It chronicles the chain of events that occur when the severe bullying of a gay teen draws Wilson and his partner back to the conservative rural community of Oil City, Pennsylvania where their own same-sex wedding announcement had previously ignited a controversy. The film focuses on the widely varying, emotional reactions of the town's residents including the teen and his mother, the head of the local chapter of the American Family Association, and an evangelical pastor and his wife.

Festival Awards and recognition[edit]

PREMIERE Human Rights Watch International Film Festival, Lincoln Center, NYC [2]
WINNER Special Jury Prize for Bravery in Storytelling, Nashville Film Festival [3]
WINNER Special Jury Prize for Social Significance, South Dakota Film Festival [4]
WINNER Alternative Spirit Award, Rhode Island International Film Festival [5]
WINNER Audience Award, Hardacre Film and Cinema Festival [6]
WINNER Best Documentary, Rehoboth Beach Independent Film Festival [7]
WINNER Best Documentary, Long Island Gay and Lesbian Film Festival [8]
WINNER Best Documentary Out Takes New Zealand Gay Lesbian Film Festival [9]
WINNER Rosebud Award, Rosebud Film Festival [10]
FEATURED PRESENTATION Tribeca Documentary Series [11]

Television Broadcast and Awards[edit]

ENCORE BROADCASTS PBS World, 2010; PBS, 2011 [13]
EMMY AWARD Outstanding Achievement in Documentary, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Mid-Atlantic Chapter [15]

Community Engagement Campaign[edit]

The Out in the Silence Campaign for Fairness and Equality in Rural and Small Town America uses the film as a tool to raise the visibility of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people and promote dialogue and bridge building.[1] The campaign has held over 500 grassroots screenings in town halls, schools, churches, and community centers, many in isolated areas that had not previously experienced any openly LGBT events. The Center for Social Media and the BRITDOC Foundation have highlighted the campaign as an example of using film for social change.

In 2011, the Campaign initiated the Out in the Silence Youth Activism Award to highlight the work of young people on LGBT inclusion and equality.


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