Out of My Hands (Jennifer Rush album)

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Out of My Hands
Out of my Hands Jennifer Rush.jpg
Studio album by Jennifer Rush
Released 9 February 1995
Genre Pop, pop rock
Label EMI
Jennifer Rush chronology
Jennifer Rush
Out of My Hands

Out of My Hands is the seventh studio album by American singer Jennifer Rush.

Released in early 1995, the album was led by single "Tears in the Rain" - a song originally recorded by Robin Beck. "Tears in the Rain" became Rush's biggest single of the decade, charting highly in many European countries, particularly in Germany.[1] The album also improved on her previous one by reaching No.15 there during a four-month chart run.[2] A second single was released, the title track "Out of My Hands", while the album boasted a collaboration with Brian May on the Queen cover "Who Wants to Live Forever" - which was released as a promo-only single.[3] Also included on the album was a cover of the Moody Blues hit "Nights in White Satin".

Later in the year Rush also recorded "Das Farbenspiel des Winds" - a song from the German Pocahontas soundtrack, which was released as a single.[2]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Tears in the Rain"
  2. "Out of My Hands"
  3. "In the Arms of Love"
  4. "Fortress"
  5. "Shocked"
  6. "Who Wants to Live Forever"
  7. "Untouchable"
  8. "Only Heaven Knows"
  9. "Crazy 'bout You"
  10. "Cry, Baby..."
  11. "Nights in White Satin"


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