Out of Our Idiot

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Out of Our Idiot
Compilation album by Elvis Costello
Released 4 December 1987 (UK)
Recorded 1979–87
Genre New wave, post-punk, alternative rock
Label Demon
Producer Nick Lowe, Elvis Costello, Colin Fairley, the Mono-Kings, the Coward Brothers, Clive Langer, Alan Winstanley, Allen Toussaint, J. Henry "T-Bone" Burnett, Larry Hirsch
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Out of Our Idiot
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3.5/5 stars link

Out of Our Idiot is a 1987 compilation album of rare and previously unreleased recordings dating back to 1979 by Elvis Costello, which was released in the UK on Demon Records. It was only available as an import in the USA and other markets. The album was credited to "Various Artists" rather than to Costello because the tracks were recorded and credited under a variety of names, including The Costello Show, Elvis Costello and the Attractions, Elvis Costello and the Confederates, The Coward Brothers, Napoleon Dynamite, The Emotional Toothpaste and The MacManus Gang, and with a variety of collaborators, including Jimmy Cliff, Nick Lowe and T-Bone Burnett.

Two versions of Out of Our Idiot were released, a 17-track vinyl LP, and a 21-track CD. Tracks 6, 10, 18, and 19 on the CD were not included on the vinyl release. With the exception of "Little Goody Two Shoes", all of the tracks on Out of Our Idiot were later released as bonus tracks on individual albums when Costello's pre-1987 catalogue was re-released on CD on the Rykodisc and Rhino labels. An alternate version of "Little Goody Two Shoes" was included on the Imperial Bedroom bonus disc.

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Elvis Costello except as indicated.

CD Version[edit]

  1. "Seven Day Weekend" (Costello, Jimmy Cliff) – 2:37
  2. "Turning The Town Red" – 3:20
  3. "Heathen Town" – 3:06
  4. "The People's Limousine" (Costello, T-Bone Burnett) – 3:38
  5. "So Young" (Joe Camilleri, Tony Faehse, Jeff Burstin) – 3:27
  6. "Little Goody Two Shoes" – 2:27
  7. "American Without Tears No. 2" – (Declan MacManus) 3:34
  8. "Get Yourself Another Fool" (Frank Haywood, Ernest Tucker) – 4:02
  9. "Walking on Thin Ice" (Yoko Ono) – 3:42
  10. "Withered And Died" (Richard Thompson) – 3:13
  11. "Blue Chair" (single version) (Declan MacManus) – 3:39
  12. "Baby It's You" (Burt Bacharach, Mack David, Barney Williams) – 3:15
  13. "From Head To Toe" (Smokey Robinson) – 2:34
  14. "Shoes Without Heels" (Declan MacManus) – 4:15
  15. "Baby's Got A Brand New Hairdo" (Declan MacManus) – 3:21
  16. "The Flirting Kind" – 2:58
  17. "Black Sails in the Sunset" – 3:09
  18. "A Town Called Big Nothing" – 5:44
  19. "Big Sister" – 2:16
  20. "Imperial Bedroom" (demo version) – 2:47
  21. "The Stamping Ground" (demo version) – 3:10

LP Version[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Seven Day Weekend"
  2. "Turning the Town Red"
  3. "Heathen Town"
  4. "The People's Limousine"
  5. "So Young"
  6. "American Without Tears No. 2"
  7. "Get Yourself Another Fool"
  8. "Walking on Thin Ice"

Side two[edit]

  1. "Blue Chair"
  2. "Baby It's You"
  3. "From Head to Toe"
  4. "Shoes Without Heels"
  5. "Baby's Got a Brand New Hairdo"
  6. "The Flirting Kind"
  7. "Black Sails in the Sunset"
  8. "Imperial Bedroom"
  9. "The Stamping Ground"


Elvis Costello (solo)[edit]

The Coward Brothers[edit]

  • ("The People's Limousine")

Elvis Costello and the Attractions[edit]

  • ("Seven Day Weekend", "Turning the Town Red", "Heathen Town", "So Young", "Get Yourself Another Fool", "Walking on Thin Ice", "From Head to Toe", "The Flirting Kind", "Black Sails in the Sunset")

Elvis Costello and the Confederates[edit]

The Costello Show, featuring the Attractions[edit]

  • ("Baby's Got a Brand New Hairdo")

Napoleon Dynamite and the Royal Guard[edit]

The Emotional Toothpaste[edit]