Out of the Dark (Into the Light)

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Out of the Dark (Into the Light)
Weissmann Falco 1998 CD.jpg
Studio album by Falco
Released 27 February 1998 (Europe) 2 March 1998 (worldwide)
Recorded 1995–1998
Genre Pop rock, dance, pop-rap
Label A&M (America), EMI Electrola (Europe)
Producer Torsten Börger
Falco chronology
Out of the Dark (Into the Light)
Verdammt wir leben noch
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
AllMusic 3.5/5 stars[1]

Out of the Dark (Into the Light) (1998) is the eighth album by Falco. It was released posthumously, less than a month after Falco's death on 6 February 1998, in a car accident.

Background information[edit]

In 1996, techno styled song 'Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da' ("mother, the man with the coke (cocaine/charcoal) is here") by T>>MA ("T>>MA" as Falco's pseudonym) hit the market and brought the artist back into the charts of all German-speaking countries. In the song Falco plays with the ambiguity of the German word "Koks" which means both cocaine and charcoal. Although Falco's band leader found Out of the Dark good enough to be released as the second single, Falco himself wanted it to be released on the album only. Follow up single became Naked which was quite successful in Austria but didn't meet Falco's expectations in Germany, leading him to postpone the album release. It is known that Falco was unsure about the perfect order of the CD tracks, so that he often changed it, and he also planned to record a track called "Tomorrow Never Knows" as a cover from The Beatles (this is shown on the facsimile attached to the CD). In the time shortly before his death, Falco also removed some songs that were eventually released on further albums, 'Best Of's and single CDs.

On February 6, 1998, Falco made one of his last phone calls. He told his guitarist, Milan Polak, to come over to the Dominican Republic because he wanted to record some songs with his band, but this never took place as Falco died in the afternoon of that day.

Three weeks after Falco's death in a car accident, the album was officially released in Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. The worldwide release was on 2 March 1998. Its previous title had been "Egoisten" ("egoists").

The album turned out to be a big success in German-speaking countries, resulting in another number one in Austria,#3 in Germany and #4 in Switzerland; it also reached #35 in Hungary, a non German-speaking country.[2][3][4][5]

The posthumous singles charted quite well in most countries in comparison to those from his previous three albums. The single Out of the Dark was especially successful, climbing to number 2 of the Austrian and the German charts respectively and also had very good airplay. Furthermore, it came under the Top 5 of the Latvian airplay charts and even reached the Argentine Airplay Charts of Buenos Aires with #98. Most of the posthumous success is credited to the song 'Out of the Dark'.

'Out of the Dark' contains the line "...muss ich denn sterben, um zu leben?" ("...do I have to die in order to live?"). This made many people think Falco felt that he was going to die soon, though he had already performed the song live a year before his death. The actual motives why Falco wrote this song remain misty.

Egoist and also The Spirit Never Dies (Jeanny Final) became his last notable hits in Germany and Switzerland.

Ten years after Falco's death the album re-entered the Austrian charts again.


"Out of the Dark" and "Egoist" were released posthumously after Falco's death.

Year Song Top-Position
A[6] D[7] CH[8] H CZ[9]** SK[10]
1996 Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da (as T>>MA) 3 11 30 n/A - -
1996 Naked (as Falco feat. T>>MB) 4 50 - - - -
1998 Out of the Dark 2 2 3 - 3 7
1998 Egoist 6 4 19 - 5 -

*Airplay Charts (create by SYConline SA company, its top 100 for Buenos Aires city only)

**Czech Dance Charts

Track listing[edit]

  1. "No time for Revolution" – 3:52
  2. "Out of the Dark" – 3:37
  3. "Shake" – 3:42
  4. "Der Kommissar 2000" – 3:48
  5. "Mutter, der Mann mit dem Koks ist da" – 3:39
  6. "Hit me" – 3:47
  7. "Cyberlove" – 3:34
  8. "Egoist" – 3:27
  9. "Naked" (Full Frontal Version) / Geld (Hidden Track) – 11:29

Cover Versions of the Single Out of the Dark (Into the Light)[edit]

  • Terminal Choice covered the song on his album Menschenbrecher.
  • Sunterra presented their version on their album Lost Time.
  • In 2004 Stahlhammer released the song on their album Stahlmania.
  • Died after release of the song on a mini-CD of the same name
  • In 2013 Ost+Front released the song on their single Bitte Schlag Mich