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Out of the Grey is a husband-and-wife Contemporary Christian music project consisting of Scott and Christine Denté. Christine provides lead vocals, while Scott plays guitars and sings background, along with the occasional lead vocals.[1] They have released seven studio albums, one best-of compilation and one live EP and have been involved in a number of other projects. Their debut album was ranked 47th in the book CCM Presents: The 100 Greatest Albums in Christian Music.[2]

The couple released their seventh studio album, A Little Light Left on December 4, 2015,[3] fourteen years after their sixth.


Studio albums[edit]


  • Limited Edition Live 12-6-2000 (Rocketown Records, 2001)


  • Remember This: The Out of the Grey Collection (Sparrow Records, 1998)
  • The Early Years (Sparrow Records, 2006)

Songs on various-artists albums[edit]

Non-album tracks[edit]

  • "Forever I Will Trust in You" and "Three Beautiful Words" on the album Coram Deo: In the Presence of God (1992)
  • "Love Is The Only Power" and "Rejoice In Jesus," duet with Steve Green, on the album Coram Deo 2: People of Praise (1993)
  • "The Way Of Love," duet with Charlie Peacock, on his album Full Circle: A Celebration of Songs and Friends (2004)
  • "O Holy Night" on the Christmas album God With Us (1997)

Album tracks[edit]

  • "The One I've Been Waiting For" on the album The Wedding Collection (1995)
  • "When Love Comes to Life" on the album Wow 1996 (1996)
  • "Disappear" on the album Wow 1998 (1998)
  • "Waiting" on the Rocketown Records album Five (2001)
  • "Grace, Mercy & Peace" on the album Hallejuahs: A Rocketown Worship Collection (2003)
  • "Grace, Mercy & Peace" on the album Discover: Songs of Father (2007)
  • "The Words" on the album Discover: Songs of Love (2007)

Solo Projects[edit]

Christine Denté[edit]


Songs on various-artists albums[edit]

  • "Rejoice in Jesus" with Steve Green and "Love is the Only Power" on the album "Coram Deo II: People of Praise" (1993)
  • "O Thou Tellest Good Tidings to Zion," with Cindy Morgan and Susan Ashton, on the album Young Messiah (1993)
  • "Breathe on Me" on the album Focus on the Family: Renewing the Heart (1997)
  • "Constant" and "Nothing but the Blood" on the album Listen to Our Hearts Vol. 1 (1998)
  • "We Cannot Hide It" on the album The Mercy Project (2000)
  • "All the Ways of God" and "You Alone" on the album For Christ Alone (2004)
  • "Prepare a Place," featuring Michael W. Smith, and "Christmas Kind of Feeling" on the Christmas album Gloria (2004)
  • "Let the Earth Resound in Praise" and "My Heart Is Filled With Thankfulness" on the album The Apostles' Creed (2007)
  • "Sure of All I Hope For" on the album Discover: Songs of Hope (2007)
  • "Here I Am to Worship" on the album Worship for Women (2008)
  • "Once Again" on the album Worship for the Evenings (2008)
  • "Here I Am to Worship" and "How Loved Am I" on the album 50 Worship Anthems (2008)
  • "When I'm Filled With Doubt and Fear" on the album The Worship Lounge (2008)
  • "Stranger in My Skin" on iTunes single "Stranger In My Skin (As Heard On General Hospital)" (2009)

Guest appearances[edit]

  • "Missing You," background vocals, on Amy Grant's album Behind the Eyes (1997)
  • "A Violent Grace," duet with Michael Card, on his album Soul Anchor (2000)
  • "He Is Here," duet with Brian Doerksen, on his album Holy God (2007)

Scott Denté[edit]

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