Out of the Tunnel's Mouth

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Out of the Tunnel's Mouth
Out of the Tunnel's Mouth.jpg
Studio album by
Released30 October 2009
GenreProgressive rock
LabelWolfwork/EAR Music
ProducerSteve Hackett, Roger King
Steve Hackett chronology
Out of the Tunnel's Mouth
Live Rails

Out of the Tunnel's Mouth is the 20th studio album by musician Steve Hackett. It is his first album on his new label Wolfwork after leaving his previous label Camino. The album was announced on 30 October 2009 for sale via his website and live shows.

In April 2010, InsideOut Music released a 2-CD Special Edition with disc one containing the original album and disc two containing 5 live tracks and a new studio track (actually basically a remix of "Sleepers" with a small part of "Still Waters"). The live tracks were recorded live in Italy in March 2009. These include a live version of "Firth of Fifth", complete with Roger King playing the original piano intro. (Though not credited as such, all the lead vocals on the live tracks are by drummer Gary O'Toole.)

"Last Train to Istanbul" shows influences from Turkey. Chris Squire makes appearances on "Fire on the Moon" and "Nomads". Nick Beggs provides bass and Chapman Stick for the remaining songs. An additional guest is founding Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips on "Emerald and Ash" and "Sleepers".

Cover photo by Jo Lehmann.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Fire on the Moon" (Steve Hackett)
  2. "Nomads" (Hackett, Jo Lehmann)
  3. "Emerald and Ash" (Hackett, Roger King)
  4. "Tubehead" (Hackett, King)
  5. "Sleepers" (Hackett, Nick Clabburn, King, Lehmann)
  6. "Ghost in the Glass" (Hackett, King)
  7. "Still Waters" (Hackett, Lehmann)
  8. "Last Train to Istanbul" (Hackett, King, Lehmann)
Special edition bonus CD
  1. "Blood on the Rooftops" [Live] (Phil Collins, Hackett)
  2. "A Tower Struck Down" [Live] (Steve Hackett, John Hackett)
  3. "Firth of Fifth" [Live] (Tony Banks, Collins, Peter Gabriel, Hackett, Mike Rutherford)
  4. "Fly on a Windshield" [Live] (Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett, Rutherford)
  5. "Broadway Melody of 1974" [Live] (Banks, Collins, Gabriel, Hackett, Rutherford)
  6. "Every Star in the Night Sky" (Hackett, Clabburn, King, Lehmann)
Special edition CD Japan only bonus tracks
  1. "Every Day" [Live at Club Citta] (Hackett)
  2. "Fast Flower" (Hackett)


Studio tracks
  • Steve Hackett – vocals, guitars (1–8)
  • Anthony Phillips12 string guitar (3,5)
  • Chris Squire – bass guitar (1,2)
  • Nick Beggs – bass guitar, Chapman stick (2,3,5,6,7)
  • Dick Driver – double bass (5)
  • Christine Townsend – violin, viola (5,6,8)
  • Ferenc Kovacs – violin (8)
  • Roger King – keyboards, programming (1–8)
  • John Hackett – flute (5,8)
  • Amanda Lehmann – vocals (3,5,7)
  • Jo Lehmann – backing vocals (7)
  • Lauren King – backing vocals (7)
  • Rob Townsend – soprano sax (3,8)
  • Anklung on "Every Star in the Night Sky" by Egerhazi Attila, Barabas Tamas, Kovacs Ferenc, Kovacs Zoltan, Banai Szilard, Steve Hackett, Jo Lehmann
Live tracks
  • Steve Hackett – guitars, vocals
  • Nick Beggs – bass guitar, Chapman stick, vocals
  • Roger King – keyboards
  • Gary O'Toole – drums, vocals
  • Rob Townsend – sax, flute, whistle, percussion

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