Out on the Fringe

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Out on the Fringe
Studio album by Daryl Braithwaite
Released 1979 (1979)
Genre Rock, Pop
Label Infinity
Producer Terry Shaddick
Steve Kipner (tracks 3 & 4)
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Out on the Fringe

Out On The Fringe is the debut solo studio album by Australian singer Daryl Braithwaite released in 1979. "Prove Your Love" and "Like a Child" were released as singles from the album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Out On The Fringe"
  2. "I Thought It Was You"
  3. "Hit Onto Something Good"
  4. "Love Like A Child"
  5. "Bandits"
  6. "Desperately"
  7. "They Don't See What I Do"
  8. "Prove Your Love"
  9. "Lips That Taste Of Wine"
  10. "That's Right"
  11. "Out On The Fringe (Reprise)"


  • Daryl Braithwaite - vocals
  • Joey Harris - guitars
  • Terry Shaddick - guitars and backing vocals
  • Bruce Donnelly, Steve Halter - keyboards
  • Mark Browne - bass guitar
  • Mark Shulman - sitar
  • Mike Botts, Guy Shiffman, John Dick, Art Wood - drums
  • Johnny Conga - percussion
  • Steve Kipner, Peter Beckett - backing vocals

Release history[edit]

Country Date Label Format Catalog
Australia 1979 Infinity LP/CD CD- D19286