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The badge of office of Outaouais Herald Emeritus

Outaouais Herald of Arms Emeritus (Héraut Outaouais émérite in French) is the title of one of the officers of arms at the Canadian Heraldic Authority in Ottawa. Herald Emeritus is an honorary position reserved for former heralds who have given distinguished service. Like the other heralds at the Authority, the name is derived from a Canadian river, in this case the Ottawa River (rivière des Outaouais in French).

A badge of office was granted on March 28, 2000, and is blazoned On a pomme three inescutcheons Argent the bases pointing inwards. The three shields have various meanings according to the Canadian Heraldic Authority. Historically they represent the tradition that the Outaouais, the Ojibway and Potawatomi peoples had originally formed one tribe. Geographically they represent the three rivers of the Ottawa region - the Ottawa, Rideau and Gatineau Rivers. They also represent the past, present and future. The green background represents the Outaouais region.

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