Outback Rugby League

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Outback Rugby League
Outback Rugby League logo.jpg
Sport Rugby league
Instituted 1980
Inaugural season 2007
Number of teams 4
Country  Australia
Website Outback RL Homepage

The Outback Rugby League Cup is a New South Wales Country Rugby League (NSWCRL) Group Competition which is based in Broken Hill in the far west of New South Wales and surrounding districts such as Wilcannia and Menindee.

The competition folded in 1998 but was revived in 2007.


The founding clubs of the competition are:

  • Broken Hill Cowboys
  • Wilcannia Boomerangs
  • Wilcannia Tigers
  • Menindee Yabbies


The Outback Rugby League was formed in 2007 after a long absence of regular A-Grade rugby league from Broken Hill. The last regular rugby league competition in the area was in 1997 as the Group 12 competition which also included clubs from Broken Hill, Menindee & Wilcannia.

The new competition features clubs from the same areas. A new club was formed before the opening season, the Wilcannia Tigers. The inaugural competition saw a total of 266 registered players across all grades, from under-sixes up. Broken Hill is traditionally dominated by Australian Rules Football.[1]

The 2007 Grand final was a close game between Wilcannia Tigers and Menindee Yabbies. The Yabbies eventually won by one point, 36–35, at Lamb Park in Broken Hill in front of 1,000 spectators.[2] Recently, for the 2008 Outback Rugby League Season, CFMEU (the major sponsor of such teams as the Canberra Raiders) has signed on to become the competition's major sponsor from 2008 and beyond. This will be a massive boost for the competition, financially speaking.[3]

First grade premiership[edit]

The premiers of the group competition since 1980:[4]

Season Grand Final Information Minor Premiers
Premiers Score Runners-Up
1980 Broken Hill Saints
1981 Broken Hill Saints
1982 Broken Hill Saints Menindee
1983 Broken Hill Saints 22-12 Menindee
1984 Broken Hill United 19-0 Broken Hill Saints
1985 Broken Hill United 21-20 Wilcannia Tigers
1986 Wilcannia Boomerangs Broken Hill United
1987 Broken Hill United 15-12 Wilcannia Boomerangs
1988 Broken Hill United 31-20 Wilcannia Boomerangs
1989 Broken Hill Saints Broken Hill United
1990 Broken Hill Saints 18-0 Broken Hill United
1991 Wilcannia 34-20 Menindee
1993 Menindee 36-20 Wilcannia
1994 Broken Hill United 46-18 Wilcannia Boomerangs
1995 Broken Hill United 28-20 Wilcannia Boomerangs
1996 Wilcannia Boomerangs 38-34 Broken Hill Geebungs
1997 Wilcannia Boomerangs 56-48 Menindee
1998–2006 - No competition
2007 Menindee Yabbies 36-35 Wilcannia Tigers
2008 Broken Hill Saints Wilcannia Boomerangs
2009 Wilcannia Boomerangs Broken Hill Geebungs
2010 Wilcannia Boomerangs Broken Hill Geebungs
2011 Menindee Yabbies Broken Hill Geebungs
2012 Menindee Yabbies 36-32 OT Wilcannia Boomerangs

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