Outback Xplorer

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Outback Xplorer
Xplorer Goulburn 2012-03-18 02.jpg
CountryLink Xplorer in Goulburn
in March 2012
Service typePassenger train
First serviceMarch 1996
Current operator(s)NSW TrainLink
EndBroken Hill
Distance travelled1,125 kilometres
Average journey time13 hours
Service frequencyweekly
Line(s) usedMain Western
Broken Hill
Rolling stockXplorer

The Outback Xplorer is an Australian passenger train operated by NSW TrainLink between Sydney and Broken Hill via the Main Western line.


CountryLink commenced operating the service in March 1996 honouring a commitment by the Carr State Government to reintroduce a rail service to Broken Hill which had lost its rail service when the Silver City Comet was replaced by a road coach service in November 1989.[1] Although not its official name, it is known as the Outback Express.

It was initially formed of 1940s vintage locomotive hauled HUB/RUB carriages.[2] In April 2000 the service ceased due to the condition of the carriages.[3]

After a short break the service resumed with Xplorer railcars. Today it operates to Broken Hill on Mondays, returning on Tuesdays.[4]


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