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The Outer Metropolitan Ring Road is a proposed freeway (with space in the median for 4 railway tracks) in Melbourne, Australia connecting the Hume Freeway at Kalkallo north of Melbourne, to the Princes Freeway south-west of Werribee. The concept was announced as part of the Victorian Transport Plan of November 2008,[1] planning having started in late 2007 but not widely publicised until February 2008.[2]

The Outer Metropolitan Ring (OMR) planning study has been established by VicRoads to investigate transport requirements and options for the Werribee - Melton - Tullamarine - Mickleham corridor. The proposed route was released to the public in June 2009 for public comment, with construction not expected to start until 2020.[3] This concept also added a link from Donnybrook to the Metropolitan Ring Road in Thomastown, and from the Deer Park Bypass to the Outer Metropolitan Ring. A study area around Bulla was also identified for a link to Melbourne Airport.[4]

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