Outer membrane efflux proteins

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Outer membrane efflux protein
1yc9 opm.png
Symbol OEP
Pfam PF02321
InterPro IPR003423
SCOP 1ek9
TCDB 1.B.17
OPM superfamily 34
OPM protein 1yc9

Proteins in the outer membrane efflux protein family form trimeric channels that allow export of a variety of substrates in Gram negative bacteria. Each member of this family is composed of two repeats. The trimeric channel is composed of a 12 stranded beta-barrel that spans the outer membrane, and a long all helical barrel that spans the periplasm.

Examples include the Escherichia coli TolC outer membrane protein, which is required for proper expression of outer membrane protein genes; the Rhizobium nodulation protein; and the Pseudomonas FusA protein, which is involved in resistance to fusaric acid.


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